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Singvogel 07-28-2020 03:54 PM

Read aloud permissions?
Does anyone know if major publishers, like Scholastic, have extended their Online read aloud permission after June 2020?

We are going back virtually due to state restrictions, and I'm trying to plan...

PrivateEyes 07-28-2020 04:05 PM

I haven't heard, as yet
and since I'm on several elementary library facebook groups, I'm pretty sure I would have.

Lilbitkm 07-29-2020 05:35 AM

I could be completely wrong but I think the online permission is only needed if you’re recording a read aloud not if you’re just doing a read aloud during an online class.

I used Epic and Vooks for all of my online books during distance learning.

knit1purl2 07-29-2020 05:56 AM

I want to know too
I was waiting, and I assume it will be okay. I will have read aloud available on my google classroom.

KBTeacher 07-29-2020 08:54 AM

We were told to check with our school librarians because some publishers extended permission beyond June and some didnít. You may want to contact that person in your school.

knit1purl2 08-04-2020 05:33 AM

Penguin Random House has extended
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Penguin Random House is extending permissions to December 2020.

Scholastic has extended in Canada. had a lot of information about different publishers too.

Singvogel 08-04-2020 08:24 AM

Thank you.
Thanks, knit1purl2. Scholastic has the rights to an old book that I want to read. I've written them, but there has been no response. I hope they will follow suit with their extension in Canada.

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