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checkerjane 08-31-2019 10:43 AM

I know yíall are tired of me griping.
So I apologize. Itís the same old thing, and I feel like I get zero support from the powers who be. Trying to figure out a solution is so frustrating, especially since Iím dealing with annuals, referrals, and initials.

The non-verbal autistic boy who Iíve had is loud, throws fits which are even louder, etc. Iíve posted about him before.

My new non-verbal autistic kiddo is very sensitive to sounds, very sensitive. He covers his ears kind of sensitive. So, kiddo #1 is loud ďjust becauseĒ or heís throwing a fit and even louder than usual. Kiddo #2 gets upset at the noise and starts crying. All the while I have my SLD pull out kids trying to concentrate and get work done.

Iím so frustrated. This isnít fair to any of my kids!!!!!!!!! Iíve expressed my concerns to my principal who suggested my autistic kiddo take a walk when he gets too loud...well sometimes that causes situations in itself because he gets overwhelmed easily.

Itís literally like a three ring circus in my room.

SDT 08-31-2019 12:38 PM

I completely understand! Have you tried over-the-ear headphones? You can use them with or without background music playing. They help a lot of kids. Do you have a call down area for your loud kiddo? It takes up space, but it is a good investment.

pdxteacher 09-02-2019 10:35 AM

I'm thinking along the lines of SDT... I don't have any great suggestions about your loud student, but it sounds like your second student needs a quiet space. Can you use some portable bulletin boards to create a visual barrier/corner for him? And headphones would probably be a helpful tool. Maybe a sensory box he can access when he feels overwhelmed? (Favorite book, fidget toys, therapy putty, etc)

2000Aggie 09-02-2019 02:21 PM

I know that this is frowned upon but, can you get the parents involved. Tell them that you have no support from administrators. Your kiddos are entitled to be educated in a safe environment. Maybe they can intervene with your administration. We had a similar situation several years ago. One child was extremely docile and noise sensitive. Another child would often bite the other children, throw things, and scare the teacher and her assistant. One of the parents, who was visiting during a Muffins for Mom event, was horrified to see her little girl crying and rocking herself trying to calm herself down. The next thing the teacher knows is that the principal called her in and said that the district was hiring another teacher and would be taking some of her students. She didnít lose her job, but was very relieved that the 2 kids were separated. The children made remarkable progress according to the first teacher. She had 6 kids in her care. All with varying degrees of disabilities.

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