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charmed12 05-02-2019 06:18 PM

Thoughts on Ready Math?
I've been teaching Eureka for years and I just absolutely love it and have seen kids SO successful with it. Like others, the first year was a learning curve but I now have it down inside and out and just ADORE that curriculum (so many external resources for teachers but also parents; homework videos, spiral reviews..just love it)!! Anyway, our school is looking to adopt a new math program (they had something else before but I wasn't using it - was able to keep using Eureka) and so Ready Math seems to be where we are headed. I just wanted some input on that program. Rigor is the name of the game and compared to Eureka, it seems pretty bleak. Thought and input?

teachnkids 05-03-2019 02:42 PM

Ready Math is pretty rigorous and provides ample opportunity for math discourse and problem solving!

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