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puzzle1mom 09-18-2020 02:36 AM

They're killing me!!!!
I looped up with my 6th graders and am now teaching the same class 7th grade math.(I still teach 6th as well) I have one advanced class and one regular (I teach in a Catholic school). The advanced kids are doing well - the regular class is another story. I get NOTHING from them. NOTHING. Right now we are 100% virtual but 9/30 we are opening up for those who wish to return. In this one class, 75% of them never answer, don't know what my question was when I ask, don't know what page I'm on, can't remember concepts from last year (or fifth grade) etc. They also don't seem to care about their grades at all. Most of them failed my first quiz and when I review what they missed, they don't pay attention. I hear phones dinging when they are unmuted, they're eating, , etc. They are my last class of the day which doesn't help, but I have never seen anything like it. I actually have one who has skipped class at least 6 times this year (he's been marked truant) and his mother has been contacted.
My co-teacher is having similar issues although she teaches ELA and I don't think their grades are quite as bad as they are for me. This class has always had low math abilities and over the years many behavioral issues have hindered their learning as ALL of their previous teachers have mentioned.

I just don't know what to do. I have none of these issues with my other classes. This group just takes nothing seriously and gives me the BARE minimum. Even our assistant principal, who took on a study skills type of class, has noticed the apathy.
I am really at my wit's end and it's eating me up. I have to learn not to let it get to me but the problem is I actually CARE about their progress! They just don't seem to and seeing as I never hear from their parents, they don't really seem to either.

Thanks for listening!

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