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Mrs. R :) 01-02-2010 08:21 AM

Share your Shares!
Hey All,

A very hot topic over on the First Grade Board was Show and Tell. many teachers seem to HATE it and abandon it for various reasons (boring, bring and brag, no time, too many kids, takes away from "actual" learning)

I'm advocating for Sharing and it got me thinking...

What are your favorite ways to run Share in your Morning Meeting?

Tell us about your Sharing! Your managements, topics, best ways to help model...anything to help each other with some fresh ideas.

I can't wait to read your thoughts!

Mrs. R;)

GoTeachers 01-02-2010 08:37 AM

Mystery Box
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I do a Mystery Box. I've written here about it before and I got the idea from somewhere online (can't give credit to anyone in particular).

Anyway, I have a bag that contains a box with a little notebook in the bag. The notebook is actually index cards, hole punched, on a ring. Each day a new student takes the bag home and puts an item in the box. They write (in the notebook) 3 clues. The next day they bring it and during Morning Meeting they get out the box and do a gentle shake. Then, they read the first clue. We let 2 other students try to guess what's inside. They read the clues until someone guesses what is in the box. Then, when they guess or it has to be told, they get to share a little something about what they put in the box/bag.

It goes pretty quick and they really look forward to having their turn to take it home. I start it early in the year and each student gets to take it home several times.

Attached is the letter that I put on construction paper, laminate and keep in the bag for parental reference. Hope this helps someone stay motivated to let their students continue to share. :)

crazyeights 01-02-2010 08:44 AM

My sole
purpose for doing share in my classroom is to get the students used to speaking in front of their peers (oral language skills). In the beginning, I model share with them--students are not allowed to bring in toys--and they are encouraged to share "news", etc.--I have done it both ways--assigned each student a day or had a sign-up sheet each week. If it is your share day, you share during morning meeting in the "share chair" -- students can only start when everyone is attentive--when they are done talking, they will say, "I am ready for questions/comments"--each share is only allowed 5 questions/comments--

As the year goes on, we talk a lot about had to be sure we add important information to our share--I don't love doing it because we are so pressed for time these days, but I learn a lot about my students and there is real value in being comfortable speaking to a group

Mrs. R :) 01-02-2010 04:37 PM

Thank you both for sharing your shares.

Crazyeights~ I love the idea of a "Share Chair" Is that your teacher chair or another specific chair? Also, if you are pressed for time, I'm wondering if you could cut down the comments/questions to 3? would that help or do you think 5 is better to allow more students to participate? You are great for doing it b/c you have to... you know how important it is for your students! I bet you do learn a lot about them, though!

GoTeachers~ How fun is your bag?! I think that helps those who want to bring in something keep it focused and fun! Is this in addition to a regular news share, or is it your only Share?

I also will tell you all, in the interest of full disclosure, that I hated Share (ala Show and Tell) until Responsive Classroom. I love it now and really have learned so much about my students. It has made such a difference in my teaching!

Keep sharing, everyone!

Beagles 01-02-2010 05:17 PM

Monday shares are always something seen/done/thought during the weekend. I try really hard to keep the share from being materialistic sort of thing since I have some very financially affluent kids and some from struggling families. I try to have kids realize to share what they have been thinking or what they have noticed about themselves or their surrounding. So family news is a great way for the students to get to know each other. I teach 5th grade so we are starting to do news (not violent crime type of things). I also use Habits of Intelligent People share where they share when they have practiced using those skills. Other shares when it fits well is curricular share such as what do you think you enjoyed learning this week or struggled type of things.
I'm in a Navigation 101 school, so Tuesday will be either resolutions or something along that line.

GoTeachers 01-02-2010 05:26 PM

It's actually in addition to something else that I do. Each day we have to report our lunch count to the office. I have my "handy helper" run it down for us. While they are gone I ask who has something to share. I let one or two speak each day depending on how long it takes "handy" to get back. I do this because we are waiting on "handy" to help me start the morning meeting/calendar and also it gives them a chance to speak. I just try to call on different students each day~ I just keep it in my head who has shared lately.

happygirl444 01-03-2010 01:40 PM

I LOVE these new ideas! :) So many really support their academic and social growth in combination. Thank you for giving me new ideas for sharing!

My share is pretty straight forward--lightening share on Mondays (around the circle share) and regular sharing the other days. Students are allowed three questions. Once last year, I had students buddied and they had to share something about their buddy that they had learned that was different from something that student had already shared with the group. Their goal was to find a connection they had among them to share about. The kid being shared about got three questions. I was really impressed by their results.

I try to do a quick closing circle once or twice a week (at least on Friday) and we always do an around the circle with a reflection on behavior or academics (how did you take care of yourself, what's something that helped you learn, what have you learned about rocks, etc.).

kellie88 01-03-2010 01:55 PM

With one grade 3 class we had a theme each month. For example, Joke Month, Talent Month, Kindness Month.
During that month students had to share something about that theme. I had a calendar kids could write on and I drew lines, usually 2-3 depending on the amount of time we would have that day. Students signed up to share. It helped those who get nervous prepare and those who talk to much had to let others have a turn!
Just something to think about!

crazyeights 01-03-2010 03:13 PM

the Share Chair was a chair I used to use when we were on the rug it--but I prefer to use a small child's chair so they get to sit in the "big" chair for share--I suppose you could cut the questions/comments down to three--sometimes it does seem to go on forever, but I know it is valuable for them. Plus, it really gives the listeners practice in asking "good" questions. :)

sweetp422 02-02-2010 06:43 PM

Student of the Week
I found an "agenda" for the Student of the Week online. On Friday, I let the students know who next week's SOTW will be. On Monday, we interview the student. Tuesday, the student reads their favorite picture book, or I will read it. On Wednesday, the student shares a box that they decorated. The box contains pictures, toys, collectibles, or whatever the student wishes to put in it. On Thursday, the student invites someone to have lunch with them. If nobody can come, I work out something with another teacher, so a friend can have lunch with them. I try to make sure that the SOTW has a special guest for lunch. On Friday, each student writes about the Student of the Week, and we make it into a book.

Last year, we finished all the students, so we asked the principal to be our SOTW. I actually had a racecar theme, so we had a Driver of the Week. The principal brought in a picture of her favorite driver. This year we have a Hollywood theme, so we have a Star of the Week. The students feel special. Even if they don't celebrate birthdays, they can participate in this activity, and have their moment to shine.

molly1-2 02-07-2010 11:32 AM

An RC Share
In an RC share it is important to remember the goals for sharing as it helps you think about ...Why you are doing what you are doing? RC sharing goals include...Practicing skills of caring communication, allowing children to be known others and to know others ( which helps their sense of belonging and significance and develops empathy), to encourage inquiry by asking meaningful questions, practice speaking to a group, voc. dev. etc. Around the circle shares at MM are so easy...What is your favorite....? Partner Share..turn and talk is also easy to accomplish.

Mrs.EastCoast 03-20-2010 12:37 PM

My SHares
I love "whip shares" although I call them "quick shares." What's your favorite ... what are you doing/hope to do this weekend ... share 1 weekend memory ...

Show and tell is such a pain to me. I hate it. First grade teachers continue to do it, even though it's not RC ... and we're supposed to be an RC school. It frustrates me because although I am not a perfect RC teacher, I love RC and I implement as much of it as I can - and when kids come to me in 2nd grade, they are all about show and tell.

I liked the idea someone here said about something you have done/seen/thought about ... and then have kids comment. "Questions and comments." I've always had a hard time w/ 3 students being allowed to question/comment ... that seems so limiting. I kinda let it go and then I will say, "Let's take 2 more questions and comments."

I have forgotten about the memory box!! Or maybe it was something else I did similar to that. Anyway, love it.

brookeDZ 03-20-2010 01:13 PM

Share Box
We have a Rubbermaid container we call the "Share Box". It goes home with a different student each night, Monday - Thursday. Nobody takes it home on Fridays because it is more likely to be forgotten or lost. The student who takes the Share Box chooses ONE object to put in and writes three clues to read to the class. We then make guesses and the student opens the box and shows the item. I tell them "nothing edible, nothing living, nothing dangerous" as far as what they can put in the box. This has worked great! It only takes about 5 minutes each morning! Oh, and we just go down our class list in number order for taking the box home.

Mrs.EastCoast 03-20-2010 01:30 PM

great idea!
Brooke love this idea!

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