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Elise82 05-27-2006 12:19 PM

"Crazy Hair Day" Nearly Drove *Me* Crazy!
(FYI I'm the poster formerly known as "tchr" - changed my user name!)

On Thursday, I subbed in 5th grade and it was "Crazy Hair Day" for the school. Kids had crazy hairdos such as weird hair colorings, boys with pigtails - you get the picture. Well, several of the kids (not just in my class) had brought those aerosol cans of spray-on hair coloring to school, and a couple of the girls in my class took a can out after the first bell, and were going to spray one of the girls right there! I told them not to spray it in class, but I let them go to the restroom to do it as the 2nd bell had not rung yet. They were gone several minutes, and then I sent another girl in after them to tell them they had to come back right now. (I also had to stop two other girls - not from my class - from spraying it inside the classroom or hallway, also.) After lunch recess, one little boy who had had blue stipes in his hair already, lined up with blue vertical stripes on either side of his face! I asked him why he had stripes on his face, and he told me that a girl had sprayed his hair and "missed" (yeah, right). I told him I did not think that the spray coloring was good for his skin, and thought he should wash it off.

What were parents thinking, letting kids bring the cans to school? (Maybe some of them snuck the cans out of the house.) When I was student teaching, the 3rd grade classes had a "Market Day" in which they bought and sold goods and services using the school currency. One of the services was a boy-run "Hair Dying Salon". But those kids used the hair dye gel, and the booth was closely monitored. Isn't the aerosol hair coloring kind of unhealthy for kids? (I admit I really know next to nothing about such things.)

I am not opposed to kids having such "special days"; however, why couldn't they have planned this on a half day, or at least on one of the early dismissal Wednesdays (all Weds are early dismissal in this district)? Of course, the kids were pretty wound up on this day, even more than they would be normally on the last day before a *4-day* weekend (no school on Friday - teacher workshop day.) It was quite disruptive. Also, it seems like all of the "special days" like this that were once celebrated only in high school (and maybe middle school/jr. high) have now trickled down into the elementary school. There isn't going to be anything novel to celebrate once they reach high school - except for maybe "Senior Skip Day".

Anyone else have similar experiences with these kinds of "special days"?

cmhteacher 05-27-2006 12:36 PM

crazy hair days
Yes, I've taught during this odd day. Why anyone would want "crazy hair" I do not know. I've seen it from kindergarten on up... My personal feeling is that keeping kids on task is hard enough without these theme days. I think they are okay for true spirit days at high schools. I do a lot of fun things with my classes already, adding crazy hair just doesn't help. And I agree about the aerosol cans. Wasteful, unhealthy, out of control behavior should never been condoned at school.

Mrs. Monica 05-28-2006 03:46 AM

The schools know what they're doing
The theme days can be a little chaotic, but the kids are restless anyway and the teachers/admins know it. My kids just finished school for the Summer. In the last several days my son was only excited about attending because they had some kind of theme, party, assembly, or other special event planned for a portion of each day. Summer vacation is in sight and they are anxious to get started on it. If the students didn't have a "theme" to distract them, they might find something else problematic to do while finishing up the last days before vacation. ;) JMO

Anon 05-28-2006 11:44 AM

End of the year "fun"
I know how you feel. The kiddos really get wound up this time of year. (I have been through a few "crazy days" myself at the end of the year.) Can't remember on which board I saw this, but someone in one of the boards had posted that they had played math games with the students on the last days, and the kids had loved them!

If they are going to be in school, they may as well do something productive. And productive and fun don't have to be mutually exclusive. School is out where I live. Hope all of you who are still subbing have good experiences for the remaining part of the year!

can't tell 07-18-2006 11:56 PM

That is really nice,
seems like you had lots of fun

kitty2cats 07-19-2006 01:30 AM

Crazy Hair Day
Several years ago, when I advised on Student Council, the kids were real big on Crazy Hair Day. I think one year we combined it with crazy hair
or hat day. Some kids didn't want to mess up their hair, so they went for the cap. (Which can be distressing too) I think that we put some guidelines on it......can't bring hair color to school, etc. Also, I think it was scheduled for 1/2 day, when it was less critical that everyone be 100% focused. The kids get a big kick out of it. We put pictures in the yearbook. Our principal drew the line at PJ Day - That is never going to happen on his watch:)

izzy2 07-05-2007 12:33 PM

Mom of two
come on ladies! You never "cut up" at work? Give these kids a break!
We all need to let off a little steam sometimes and isn't it nice to do that with administrative approval (can anyone say "Casual Friday").

MeeShee 10-18-2007 12:47 PM

You people are no fun - Really! I agree about the aerosol cans etc... but not having theme days at school. Do you not remember what it was like to be a kid and have these days at school to add some excitement and take away some of the bore!!!! Our crazy hair day is tomorrow and it is a fundraiser - toonies for Tanzania and I am looking forward to doing my children's hair, but here at home myself.

fun4kids 08-06-2009 10:38 AM

a title
They do this stuff so that kids don't get really overly bored with school, (as I am a kid myself, I should know.)

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