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busy girl 12-30-2012 06:17 PM

help! 4th grade sped student on 2nd grade math level
I'm a first year teacher, working one-on-one with a 4th grader who has been doing addition and multiplication for the past few years. He can add numbers through 20 using touch math (and is getting better at it without use of the dots), but has a very difficult time doing subtraction and lately has refused to do any of it. I've tried a behavior chart with an incentive that he wants....nothing helps. I've spoken with different people and they told me I should drop the whole subtraction and go to multiplication. I feel that subtraction is still important for him to know, but I am listening to the advice and I am trying to teach him multiplication. I had 2 multiplication sessions with him and he's still giving me behaviors, but better than when it was subtraction.
I'm curious to know what you would do with this student if you worked with him. Would you have dropped subtraction? Do you have any ideas for me as to how to get him motivated? How would you go about teaching him multiplication? I've done a lot of research and I'm still researching multiplication, but I've never taught math before and would love some ideas on how to get started. (i have already done circles and stars with him)

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