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fatcat6 10-31-2018 04:07 AM

Mean Girls
There are several girls in my room that regularly prqctice mean girl behavior and drama. Nasty faces, exluding others, etc. It has been going on since first grade. Our social worker has tried doing lessons in class, but there has not been any change. Any suggestions? Anyone else have this problem? We only have one class of each grade, so these girls are always together!

slg 10-31-2018 05:55 AM

Wow - mean girls in lower elementary? That makes me sad. I have had one or two, but not a group. I believe there is hope to open their eyes and hearts at this young age. Too bad they can't be split up next year.

Have you rewarded acts of kindness? Stickers/chart/note from you.
Or "bucket filling'"? Books: How Full Is Your Bucket and Have You Filled a Bucket Today? Or create a poster of kindness and spend a couple of minutes at the end of the day recording acts of kindness you or the students took note of during the day.

Maybe you could write stories about animals that act in similar ways to your mean girls, without calling anyone out, and have the children discuss in small groups questions that you pose.

I wish this board got more traffic so you could get a lot more ideas.

Keltikmom 10-31-2018 07:12 AM

Mean girls
As a former second grade teacher, this does not surprise me.i would see it occasionally.
First, spend some time observing them. Who’s the ring leader? What are the exact behaviors ? Does it happen more on playground or in class as well? Really try to sort out the hierarchy and the followers.

Then, sit them down collectively and tell them what you have noticed. Draw up a list of no more than 5 rules to follow, such as, noditching friends at recess, no isolating one friend from another, establishngame rules before you start to play and stick with them, everyone has the right to say no and walk away without retaliation.

You can see what my issues were.

I also told a few of them that if they kept this up, they would be seen as bullies and eventually no one will want to play with them or like them.

It is often a love/hate relationship between an odd number of girls. Someone’s always feeling left out.

bookbadger 11-02-2018 03:51 AM

No earth shattering advice from me
In addition to the great suggestions posted, maybe add some lessons about what to do WHEN you are the victim of the mean girls.

One mom of a frequent victim said to me (after I had done weeks of DAILY mini-lessons on kindness, empathy, friendship, etc.) "You can't change how these mean girls behave. The are wired that way and it is learned at home."

I agree to an extent but think lessons for kindness as well as lessons for coping could help. I didn't think of doing the "coping lessons" in time. Maybe your counselor would have some ideas for resources or suggestions.

These lessons can help some kids, and it also helps you to CYA.

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