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Firebelly 06-06-2017 04:17 PM

Getting a Grip on Grammar ...
I will be offering several sessions of my Getting a Grip on Grammar course this summer. This will be helpful if you want to feel more sure of yourself when working with children. There are also many ideas of how to get children out of their seats and involved in the learning!

This is taught in three 90 minute sessions. If this sounds intriguing, the following link will take you to my blog page where there is more information as well as video clips of my students. As I'm preparing to set up the next scheduled class, I would love which dates and times might work for you!

I'm offering a 3 session (90 minutes each) class on grammar. I teach 5th grade and use a 4 Level sentence analysis model inspired by Michael Clay Thompson's work. The link below will take you to a page on my blog where you can find out more.

At that page you will also find videos of my students analyzing sentences in this way. If you decide you are interested, but the current time and date doesn't work for you, please email me with suggested times and dates. I offer a new class every few weeks.



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