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70Primrose 05-08-2019 05:38 AM

Chores all weekend
My husband and I are always so busy with chores on the weekend that we donít have time for fun. If we do take some time to have fun we play the catch up game all week. This weekend we had an extra chore, fixing our back fence, and we had some fun and went and saw End Game. We didnít get to the grocery store so we had to go last night after work. I was so exhausted from work I actually felt a little sick.

I want to know if any of you use a grocery delivery. Do you find you spend more, less, or the same? What are the pros and cons? Thank for the info.

MissAgnes 05-08-2019 02:18 PM

Just Costco
I use Instacart to get deliveries from Costco, because I despise going in there. I spend less, because they don't have everything available for delivery that I buy in the store. It's a little extra, because of delivery fee and tip, but so worth it if I don't have to set foot in that place.
I enjoy grocery shopping, so I would never use delivery for basic groceries.

Is there any way you can divide up chores so you aren't doing them all on the weekend?

Haley23 05-08-2019 03:34 PM

I have used the Walmart free pick up service. You still have to go to the store, but you don't have to spend the time shopping. When they first rolled it out, I had a couple of bad experiences in a row so I quit doing it. This year I tried again and everything has been fine.

I do feel like I spend less because I can see what I'm spending in real time as I add things to my online cart. If I search for a product, I can easily see all of the brands and add the cheapest one. I can also see how much I'm spending on ingredients for a recipe- before I didn't necessarily realize how much more expensive some particular recipes are to make. You can play around with adding/removing items to stay within your budget- something that would take forever to do manually in the store. It also of course eliminates any impulse purchases.

For a brief time this winter, I didn't have a car and I used the delivery service. I think it was something like $8, plus a tip to the driver. In that situation it was absolutely worth it because that was less than uber back and forth to the store, but normally I wouldn't spend that. The store is on my way home from work so if I'm doing pick up it takes maybe 5 minutes out of my day. That's worth not paying for the delivery fee!

I've just learned that Target now has a free pick up service too in my area. I'm excited to check that out too!

md2dkh3 05-08-2019 06:26 PM

grocery service
I also use the Walmart grocery pickup. I like it so far. I have used it many times. It takes so little time - I'm usually there and gone in 5 minutes.

Instead of adding items to a grocery list (which I had on my phone) I now just add them directly to my online shopping cart. I can very quickly shop all options and make a choice online. Also, at the checkout, you have the option of allowing for substitutions if they are out of something but I never choose that option. Because I have done it often, I am now given suggestions before I actually submit my order and the suggestions are only items I have purchased in the past. I like that. It can be a reminder of something I forgot. I find that I spend a little less. I'm not a real big impulse spender at the grocery anyway but it does cut that out.

Another important note - I have ordered fresh fruit and vegetables, meat and dairy/eggs through the pickup service and have never been disappointed - a big surprise to me. I'm picky!

Cons- Missing out on sales. There are items which are not available online/pickup which are available in store. A recent example - Easter candy is usually marked down the day after the holiday and I wanted to take advantage of that. Those weren't available through pickup service, only in the store.

Occasionally they get it wrong. Last month I ordered ingredients for a cake for my son's birthday. When I got home and unloaded I realized the German chocolate wasn't included. :( I had to pick it up the next day at a different store. However, I called the store. They were very nice, reimbursed me and gave me a coupon for $10 on my next online purchase. :)

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