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CJS87 05-15-2019 08:40 AM

Activities for the last week of school??
What lessons/activities do you work on for the last week of school?

MissAgnes 05-15-2019 09:19 AM

Math Mysteries
I have a bunch of math mysteries that I have collected (bought) from TPT. There is a scenario, and students have to solve math problems to find clues. Then they have to narrow down the suspect list.
The one I do last week of school is a review: multi-digit addition, multiplication, fractions, area and perimeter.
I also do independent reading reports. I found a dodechedron book report that the students love to complete, then put the pieces together to form the shape (dodecahedron).
I'm also doing Harris Burdick stories this year. In the past I did Harris Burdick earlier in the year because The Stranger was in our ELA curriculum. The kids love making up their own stories to go with the pictures in the book.
I try to keep them busy with fun but meaningful activities at least part of the day. I do have a library of movies I can pull out if need be. LOL

GreyhoundGirl 05-15-2019 10:08 AM

1) I always read "Last Day Blues". The kids love it.
2) I bought a No Prep activity from Kalena Baker that has a ton of fun stuff that the kids enjoy.
3) We usually play at least one Quizizz (the kids would play 10 if I let them <!--giggle-->)
4) Jeaopardy math review
5) We finish our memory books

I love your avatar. Is your district hiring (if you're in St. Louis). <!--giggle--><!--eyebrow-->LOL

giver1940 05-15-2019 11:07 AM

Some of the origami that 1956BD posted:

It's not an Olympic year, but someone else on this thread said they were going to use it for the end of school:

Desert Flower started a thread about pixel math (I think) that might be fun:

Could also do the No Sweat Olympics. I have the directions, but don't know how to send them other than to print them. Hope they work.

On the target archery, you can add the shots instead of just taking the highest one or I'm sure there are other ways you could adjust.

Hope you have a great end of school.

Event #1: BASKETBALL (Thumb-Flip a Coin into a Cup)
Equipment: Any size drinking cup, book, gym dot, coin.
Rules and Procedures:
The drinking cup (basket) is placed anywhere on the court, with the book (backboard) behind it to allow bank shots.
Players shoot by thumb-flipping the coin into the cup from the gym dot. The fist of the shooting hand must be in contact with the court surface to prevent dunking.
Any style flips are allowed.
Players shoot 3 times. Each coin in the cup counts one point.

Event #2
BALANCE BEAM (Balance coins in a single stack on the flat side of a pencil)
Equipment: Table or bench, 10-12 assorted coins, one pencil, and stopwatch.
Rules and Procedures:
Rest the pencil on one of its sides on the surface.
Using the available coins in any order. Balance the coins, one on top of another, on the flat side of the pencil until the stack topples over.
Score one point for each coin in the stack before it topples.
Other place use stopwatch to enforce the 30-second time limit.

Event #3
JAVELIN (Blow a straw wrapper for distance)
Equipment: referee, straws for each competitor, measuring tape, restraining marker.
Rules and Procedures:
Competitors select one straw and prepare it to blow the wrapper off. Note: Competitors get only one chance, if the wrapper tears, there is no second chance with another straw.
The measuring tape is extended forward from the restraining marker.
Points are scored for each foot the straw wrapper passes before stopping. Yes, it can slide on the floor!

Event #4
TARGET ARCHERY (Shoot a rubber band at a calendar to hit the highest score)
Equipment: Calendar taped to wall, restraining line, rubber bands.
Rules and Procedures:
Any size rubber band and any shooting style using only hands is allowed
The approved distance between the calendar and the archer is 4 feet (about 1.22 meters).
The referee stands directly behind the archer and calls each hit quickly and decisively.
Each player gets 3 attempts. The best of the 3 attempts is scored.

Event #5
SHOT PUT (Blow a coin the greatest distance using one puff of breath through a drinking straw.
Equipment: ruler on a table, coin, and straw for each competitor.
Rules and Procedures:
Place the ruler on the playing surface so that the one-inch end faces the athletes.
Any coin can be used, although all competitors must use a coin of the same value (and the same type of straw).
The coin is placed beside the ruler just below the first unit mark. Then placing one end of the drinking straw behind the coin (but not touching it), the coin is blown along the side of the ruler with a single puff through the straw. Do not move straw!
Score one point for each full inch that the coin is blown.

Event #6
POLE VAULT (Bounce a pencil over the highest crossbar)
Equipment: pencil with good eraser, styrofoam cross bars (or use books to raise the bar)
Rules and Procedures:
Begin with the crossbar at a reasonable low height four inches.
Vault it by throwing the eraser end of the pencil hard against the field so that it bounces up and (you hope) over the bar. Each competitor gets 3 attempts to clear the bar at a set height before being eliminated from the competition.
After each round the bar is raised the height of another book.
Score one point for each inch over four on best vault.

Event #7
HIGH DIVING (Push the diver from the edge of a desk)
Equipment: paperclips for all, post-its for all, table and drinking cup.
Rules and Procedures:
Each competitor should construct his own diver by fastening a paper clip over a piece of post-it paper. The diver may be “adjusted” by bending, folding, or curving the paper in the clip.
The drinking-cup pool is placed on the floor below the table’s edge. Each athlete, as desired, may position it.
Using a finger, try to knock the diver off the desk and into the cup.
Score one point for each successful dive in 3 tries

*Adapted for staff development workshops August, 2012 by Pug Parris, PE Consultant & Chairperson of the Department of Kinesiology, McMurry University, Abilene, TX.

tia 05-15-2019 05:37 PM

Don't ALWAYS do all of these things, but here's what we have done/what we're doing this year (in addition to schoolwide Field Day, walk-a-thon, awards assembly....)

art--including learning about MC Escher and making tessellations--this can take a LONNNNNG time


Salute (algebra card game for 3 kids)--google it

read Love That Dog and then Hate That Cat

someone on another site mentioned that they pass out laptops and have kids go on "field trips" to Smithsonian, White House, etc

I give them a packet of activities (word search of classmate names; coordinate grid art/words; summer crossword...) for those weird times we have when kids don't have anything to do---i will have FOUR ten-minute periods one day next week...:mad:

write letter to self listing your hopes and goals for the next school year--then give to them after first quarter

write advice to next students in my class

art tissue paper--mine are cut into large fish shapes and paper plate relay race (waft plate to make wind to move tissue across gym and back)--hilarious!

stick spaghetti in mouth and pick up noodles and transfer from one place to another race

read in

escape rooms

watch DVD of pictures taken throughout year

RetiredKat 05-16-2019 04:05 AM

Harris Burdick
This pdf has the text and images from the book all ready to display on the SmartBoard. Or you could print it out and small groups could each be given a different image for story writing.

I just tried the link at school and it didn't work. Strange, since I copied the link from the same computer. If you have the same problem just type in the title and add "pdf".

It really is a great book!

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