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cool2read 07-08-2017 05:58 AM

I posted in the high school area but thought I'd try this area also. I was asked to go to high school for a couple classes to work with struggling readers who are not on grade level. High school is a whole new ballgame for me. Where to start? What do I teach ( yes I know strategies on fluency, decoding and comprehension depending on each struggles ) should I have a group novel study ? Focus on reading passages with close reading etc??? I need some guidance 😩😭

luvtulearn 07-10-2017 05:18 PM

I've never taught high school but this sight has all kinds of interventions for reading that include high school. I have heard the MAZE assessment is good for targeting oral and comp. skills. I believe the passage the students are asked to read have every 4th or 5th word omitted. I hope these links help.

r9miles 07-15-2017 05:57 AM

Where do you start?
You need to do a diagnostic of some type to see what their skill deficits are.

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