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ILovePreK 05-27-2006 11:01 AM

I need classroom management help
Hi everyone ... I'm newly registered to this site but so far have found lots of help so I'm putting my trust in all of you veteran teachers and I'm hoping that you'll be able to help me. I'm an assistant teacher in a pre-school room (3 and 4 year olds) at an early learning center. Many of my kids have special needs and some receive services. This is my first real teaching job and my kids are very lively and hyperactive. They get off task very easily and are hard to control. I have an especially hard time getting them to partner up and walk quietly in a line, without running. I'm sort of jumping in in the middle here, since the head teacher has been there for years and I'm brand new. Does anyone have any ideas that the head teacher and I can start implementing now that might help our lively children calm down and be better listeners? Thanks in advance!!

Luz Torres 05-29-2006 05:57 AM

Prevention is the key!
Dear Sara,
My best advice is to explain the routine to the children constantly with the use of pictures, songs, etc. Transitions are very difficult for children with special needs but if they know in advanced what is expected they might have more self-control. Make pictures of children walking to show them that they need to walk in the hall. Make a sign for silence. Let them pick a song to sing during the transition. Assign them jobs: line leader, song leader, line ender, etc. Good luck!!

ILovePreK 05-29-2006 06:03 AM

thank you!!!
Thank you thank you thank you ... I'm going to try reinforcing the classroom routine and the classroom rules starting on June 1st (we're introducing a new child into the classroom on June 1st) so I guess we'll see how it goes. Thank you so much for your advice!!

SusanTeach 05-29-2006 06:12 AM

secret spy
I used to use this with my preschoolers and it worked amazingly well! When we had to go down the hall, I told the kids (while we were in the room still) that we were secret spies. We had to walk as softly as we could so nobody would hear us. I told them I'd give them a thumbs up sign if they were doing it well (because I didn't want to talk to praise them!). They LOVED it! Even my most hyper ones would go along with it. :)

jjj 05-29-2006 06:13 PM

pre=K behavior management
Have a special signal for everyone to stop what they are doing and turn to you and listen; It can be a rainstick that you turn over, a windchime that hangs from the ceiling that you put your hand through to make sounds; it can be a set of claps two fast one slow two fast. The kids stop and repeat the clap; it can be counting down; Eyes and ears on me on 3,2,1.; a xylophone that only the teacher can play .

To line up by the door-- have laminated feet shape or colored circles taped to the floor so they all stand on their shape/feet- No crowding because the shapes are spaced out.

I saw a class that had a rope that had loops coming off of it and every child held on to a loop. A teacher had the front of the rope and another teacher had the end of the loop.

For my centers there is a velcro strip in each area. The child must put his laminated picture on one of the three strips. Three strips equals three people can play at that center. My children with special needs have bought into this system beautifully. If we are heading to the playground, lunchroom, bus they go get their corresponding playground, lunchroom, bus card from their name area and put it on the velcro strip by the door. The card is a laminated card that has a picture of the bus on it plus their picture and their name.

Anytime we are going somewhere I dismiss from group-- if you have on red today go get your card, put it on the door and line up. if you have on black today...... So there is no big crowd waiting at the door.

We take a wagon with us wherever we go-- to hold our lunches to the lunchroom; to hold our books to the library, to hold our outside toys for the playground. There are 4 monitors that hold on to the front and sides of the wagon , a door holder, a line leader; everyone has a job so we all walk down the hall fairly quietly/together.

Listening game-Make big circle of children; beat a drum slowly saying

And we walk--beat and we walk --beat and we walk-- beat and we STOP ( kids have to freeze)
Tiptoe tiptoe tiptoe stop
stomp, march, hop, float, swim, dance, wiggle,
Last one is we sleep and we sleep,-- everyone sits down and pretends to sleep.

choralmuse 06-14-2007 10:52 AM

Hall Walking
My Kindergarten and Pre-K respond well to "Duck Tails and Bubbles"

The duck tails are great for keeping hands to themselves. Have them make the bubbles by closing their lips and puffing out their cheeks.

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