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myoung 08-09-2011 02:26 AM

Reading coach and guided reading
I'm at a new school and new grade (3rd). Every year, my grade (there are 6 of us) has a reading coach assigned to us daily for a 45 min. chunk. In the past, the reading coach has decided what she will do/who she will pull for her 45 min in this inclusion classroom setting. This year, we're (classroom teachers) driving the car, so to speak. She wants to continue with a 45 minute small group with whoever is the low group this week (our admin. wants us to use flexible reading groups based on formative assessments re: that week's skill/strategy focus...which I've done before, so I'm ok with). I cannot imagine having a 45 min. daily small group session with just one group! My question is...what do you all do(that have this luxury, I know) or what WOULD you do with a reading coach in your room during reading instruction every day for 45 min.? I use Daily 5, so I'm planning on authentic literacy activities happening during my SG time and I really don't want my low group to miss 2 whole rounds of daily 5! But, I need some kind of alternate plan to put before my team. Please share your thoughts/experiences :)

hrbernard 08-09-2011 04:50 AM

With our school, during the time that our Reading teacher sees our kids, she will split the time with two different groups, that way the group isn't so large. So, really, they will be seen for about 25 minutes each. While she is seeing her small groups, I will consecutively be seeing different groups. I only see two groups per day. I have a schedule that I go by. I have four different "teams." Yes, these teams may change, but even with flexible grouping, they don't change drastically. I give them different names: I've done shapes, colors, fruits...etc. The names stay the same all year. Now, back to the schedule: I have it posted by my reading table: Monday, Wed I will see groups a, c...Tuesday, Thursday I will see b,d. On Fridays we work as a whole group and do making word activities, phonics or spelling tic-tac-toe, boggle...etc. It is more of a word study type of time.

During the group times for the whole week, we have literacy centers (yes, they take time to set up the first year, but now I can just go to my drawer and pull out the activities I want them to do each week). Some of the lit center activities never really change (except for the actual content). Listening center, sentence unscramble, spelling word center, one center dedicated to the skill we are working on, and a writing center.

I hope I didn't confuse you. It sounds complicated, but once you are both in a rhythm, it works really well.

Good luck with everything!

myoung 08-09-2011 06:36 PM

So...our reading coach traditionally has met with the "low" group. Is that the case with your situation...or does it change? If so, do YOU ever meet with the group that she meets with? I'm just struggling with giving over such ownership of that percent of my classroom population, esp. when I'm the one on the hook for test scores. Make sense?

dewdrops 09-04-2011 08:03 PM

Small group instruction
My small group instruction routine is similar to hrbernard's routine. I make an effort to meet with all of my students during the week. While I teach my mini lesson the reading support teacher, sits with my most struggling students and does the lesson with them and adds all the necessary scaffolding.

Following my mini-lesson, both of us work with guided reading groups. Each group is no more than 20 minutes.

Following the guided reading group, we pull a strategy group again for no more than 15-20 minutes. With the time left over, we confer one to one with the students.

So basically at least 20 students are seen for small group instruction per day. We had to break away from the "low group" trap. All students need to improve their reading skills. We meet at the end of the week to review our notes and see what our next steps are.

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