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amiga13 06-28-2022 08:50 AM

Hey, all you wounded and recuperating PTers! How are you?
kahlua, hows your surgery recuperation coming? Hows your outlook?

GG, are you recovering from Covid?

Who else?

GreyhoundGirl 06-28-2022 08:55 AM

You are so thoughtful. Im hanging in there.

tctrojan 06-28-2022 09:23 AM

Good to hear!

kahluablast 06-28-2022 10:20 AM

Glad to hear Greyhound is hanging in there.

I had my surgery 6 days ago. I am icing and getting around okay on crutches with my leg straight (as it goes). I am doing my exercises and see the doctor after the holiday weekend. Things look good. One month out from my accident and I can now get up and down my 2nd story stairs without crawling! Yay, me! You can't imagine how much nicer that is than crawling up and down. I just took my 2nd shower this week. I have a strategy that works now and I don't feel like I am risking my life doing it. Things are looking up, although my summer will be full of crutches and gimpiness. Hopefully the next appointment is full of positives.

tctrojan 06-28-2022 11:39 AM

That sounds positive!

MissTrace 06-28-2022 12:40 PM

After 8 days of Covid, I woke up feeling decent today. Still have some congestion, but no headache and have some energy.

GG - glad you're hanging in there.

Kahlua - glad you're making progress after surgery. I had a summer years ago like yours - no surgery, but the weekend after school was out I dislocated my knee. I spent most of that summer on crutches and my vacation in a big immobilizer brace.

GraceKrispy 06-28-2022 04:02 PM

I'm glad to hear some positive updates :)

GreyhoundGirl 06-28-2022 05:22 PM

I had some dizziness and lightheaded mess earlier today (and I woke up in her middle of the night with double vision) so the triage nurse at the dr’s office is sending me to respiratory care tomorrow.

My dad is home which is good. My mom is a HOT MESS worrying about both of us so I’m hoping having dad home will calm her down.

Meanwhile my brother sits in FL telling me to let him know if we need anything. :mad: Realistically I know he can’t do anything even if he was here, but :(

kahluablast 06-28-2022 05:34 PM

Greyhound , tell your brother you could use money for Ubers and food delivery. What is the worst that could happen?

Hope your news tomorrow is better. I assume your dad is better? Did he go home today?

travelingfar 06-29-2022 11:19 AM

I'm sprinkling healing dust to all in need.

jks 06-30-2022 04:03 AM

Such a nice thread..... love the healing dust travlingfar!

My breast cancer update: had lumpectomy and thought margin was clear, but pathologist found "sliver" margin that was not more than 2mm so had 2nd surgery and recovery fine. Just went yesterday for my "tattoo" to start radiation in a week or so. This has been a long journey.
I did get great news yesterday though... my cancer policy that I had purchased sent me a big check! It also will pay part of my radiation costs. That with my state insurance will take care of the bills.

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