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Turtle20 10-06-2019 11:08 AM

Phonic centers
I need some help for differentiated phonic center ideas, we are an STO school and not allowed scissors, glue play doh anything like that. Help!

jov 10-06-2019 05:42 PM

You could try the Florida Center for Reading Research collection of reading centers. Then pick the activities that are allowed by your district.

Keltikmom 10-06-2019 06:41 PM

Phonics centers
What does STO mean and why canít you have those items?

Song of Joy 10-07-2019 08:25 AM

These ideas are for spelling centers, but if you choose words based on your phonics lessons, they might work.

What is an STO school? Can they use other art supplies?

* Chalk Write: Use colored chalk to write the spelling word on a mini-chalk board and then use plain water and paint brush to trace the word, thus washing it off.

* Bumpy Spelling: Use a plastic cross stitch square, place paper over it and write the spelling words with a crayon.

* Rainbow Spell: Write the spelling word in pencil and then trace the shape using 3 different kinds of marker/crayon.

* Wicki-Stick Spell: Use half sticks to form and write the words.

* Bead Spell: Use alphabet beads to spell the word on a pip cleaner.

* Buddy Spell: Take turns dictating a word, spelling, checking.

* Hit or Miss Game: (Similar to Battleship but with paper and spelling words.) I don't have a template but you could make your own. Design a game board with coordinates and 14 spaces. Have each student fill in 7 of the boxes with a spelling word. Their partner names a coordinate (like in Battleship). If they uncover a spelling word on their partner's grid, they have to correctly spell the word before they "Hit" the word and it's crossed off.

Do any of these work with your student population?

Turtle20 10-07-2019 05:21 PM

State Transformation Office, we are a d school 2 years in a row so they come in and tell us what to do, how to teach, what we can have in our rooms and supplies to use. It is their job to help us bring up the grade.

Turtle20 10-07-2019 05:24 PM

State Transformation Office, we are a d school two years in a row, they come in to help bring up the grade. They said no glue, scissors, they tell us what and how to teach. I used scissors today (ssshhhh).

slg 10-10-2019 02:55 PM

Could you have students read a short text with the phonics focus of the week and highlight the words with that pattern? Maybe tell then the # of words ahead of time. Make a list and read it to a friend.

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