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historyguy88 11-11-2015 04:47 PM

Mentally exhausting
I'm a first year high school social studies teacher. I teach both freshman us historyand government at a small school here in Wisconsin

I knew the challenges, I knew how difficult it would be. But, nothing really prepares you for it quite like doing it.

It's such a mental drain. I'm not a coffee drinker so how do you get yourself ready to tackle every day?

lisa53 11-11-2015 05:17 PM

Coffee. (Sorry!)<!--giggle-->

While I'm having my coffee I take about 10-15 minutes of peace and quiet. I read something inspirational (for me, it's scripture), visualize how I will live that out during the day...and then grade papers like crazy or develop curriculum materials till it's time to go to school!

(Well, that was my routine before I retired).

broomrider 11-12-2015 06:56 PM

Oh, OK.

It's the thought of the youngsters depending on me and the belief that I don't have to be perfect. Giving myself that permission (not to be perfect) really helped. I did, however, have to be pretty darn good! But that's much easier to achieve than perfection.

When I was teaching--retired person, here--I ended the day by shaking hands or hugging (their choice) each child. We forgave each other for the day so we could start over the next day. I never announced that was the reason, but it felt like a reasonable unstated understanding.

With older kids shaking and hugging might not cut it. Perhaps you can come up with another routine or ritual.

I'm wondering if you might pick out one or two different students in each class to think about in the morning, a focus child of the day who perhaps might slip notice. Can you aim some questions or challenges or support that will help that one for this day. It might help others as well and you, too, of course.

Don't know if it's a good idea for your situation, but it might give you a different view of what you can accomplish in a day.

Don't forget that you are in your hardest year, that first year is for learning everything--management, subject matter, presentation, and on and on. The second and third years will continue the learning curve, but it won't have the same steepness.

Give yourself a break, take care of yourself, and enjoy the moments of success.

MemphisSub 11-24-2015 03:21 PM

Sorry but
You cannot do this job day in and day out without the same edge everyone else has.

I am NOT a coffee drinker or a soda drinker. I am quite healthy, But I started drinking one cup of coffee in the mornings from Monday - Friday (school days only).

It is a mentally draining job, one thing that will help is going to bed EARLY, sleeping at least 7 hours, and having a cup of coffee in the morning.

Good luck.

historyguy88 11-24-2015 05:02 PM

Broomrider, picking out a few students that I may unintentionally skip over is a good idea. I usually just use popcicle sticks and call on students that way if there isn't a ton of handraising. Although, it may take a while to get to those students so I like that idea.

Lisa, I've actually got a scripture app on my phone. I don't know what it is but I feel so weird doing that even in the privacy of my car before going into school. I suppose I can only get over it by doing it.

MemphisSub, you might be right on that. Just something I need to do that possibly.

Thanks for the help everyone. Happy Thanksgiving

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