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txteacher95 07-14-2019 04:33 AM

Help With Morning Work
Hello! I am just going into my second year of teaching. I have a few questions about Morning Work and Iím also open to hearing how you all do Morning work as well as. Last year for morning work the students came in and started on a writing prompt which was on the board and then had a packet with sentences that grammar questions that they had to complete each day. I liked this because I felt it was beneficial however, my issue with this was the time. I felt like some students were taking a longer time while others were taking less time and this interfered with my ELAR block. I also went over it with them which took more time for different reasons each day. My question is how can I shorten this part of the day or does it need to stay this way? Do I have to go over morning work with the class as a whole or am I putting too much time into it? Any suggestions and tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

TheGr8Catsby 07-14-2019 04:55 PM

When I taught third grade, I had a definitive amount of time between when my kids had to arrive and when core instruction started (there was about a 15 minute gap, so even with a gradual entry, all kids got SOME time). I did a cursive handwriting page, and then students were supposed to read.

When I moved districts, we began doing breakfast in the classroom and the core instruction block started right after the mandatory arrival time. I just did reading in the morning after breakfast. I taught K. I'm moving to 2nd. I'm thinking of just doing that again. I didn't have to prep any morning work, and my kids truly got to read.

Gigi814 07-16-2019 04:10 PM

I used Evan-Moor Daily Language Review. Some students finished quickly while others worked at a slower pace. I gave them about 20 minutes in the morning to unpack, turn their folder in, pick out a snack, and begin their morning work. We went over the page together and students corrected their own work. If they had not finished, I had them fill in the answers at that time.

You could also look into morning tubs. I've seen many teachers on the internet use tubs instead of traditional morning work. They fill them with items such as pattern blocks, geoboards, magnatiles, etc.

irises 07-24-2019 07:51 AM

Also heading to second grade
After 14 years in first grade, I will be in second in August. I plan on continuing what I've found successful in first. After students unpack, they write in their journals (no prompt from me, this is free writing)and I never grade or mark their journals in any way. I have one group each day swap books from our class library into their book bins while others are writing. I finish lunch count, attendance etc. while this is happening. Once we begin morning circle (this year we will begin responsive classroom as well) one or two students are selected to read from his/her journal at the rug. S/he takes 2 questions or comments. We discuss the writing and sometimes put it up on the document camera where students first volunteer all the good things they notice. Then we make some suggestions. It's a great way to start my ELA block. They get writing in and no prep for me!

SusanTeach 07-24-2019 08:45 AM

morning work
I taught 2nd last year and my morning consisted of the kids walking in and putting their homework on their desks and starting on morning work. I'd call for kids to come up individually (they trickled in for about 30 minutes) so I could check their hw for mistakes and fix any misunderstandings. While I was doing that, the kids had a review worksheet that we would've done in the regular block anyway. That way, they were getting a head start on the day's work, plus it was letting me see if they understood before we moved on to something else. It also gave me time to check/clarify the hw quietly with each child.

They read their AR book or went on the computer when they finished the morning work.

Yes, I did go over it whole group as I was beginning the block. But i would've done that anyway if we were doing review before beginning the new lesson. It wasn't a lengthy sheet so it didn't take long to complete nor go over.

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