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Tiki 03-06-2014 05:10 PM

We are in our 4th year with PBIS and I think I have finally figured it out how to survive with the PBIS police.
1. - Don't write any IRFs! I have written maybe 2 all year for other teachers's students and only after they asked me to. I write none for my students - no matter what they do.
2. I have a very PBIS looking "reward" chart front and center on my board and posters with PBIS rules and procedures hanging around the room.
3. The "real" rules and procedures in my room are based on Whole Brain Teaching. When students have difficulty with following a rule they do practice during their recess time and take a note home.

My class is far more under control than I have had in 2 years and I don't have my principal asking me, "Are YOU being positive enough?" I do feel for the teachers across the hall who have written the IRFs and are now being forced to pass out tootsie rolls and gumdrops to their students when they write their names on their papers or some other ridiculous thing. I don't understand the reward the naughtiest at all, but as long as I don't point out who is naughty in my room I don't have to give them more rewards. I wish I had figured out not to write the IRFs 2 years ago. I couldn't have saved myself tons of time.

LuBelle 03-06-2014 05:36 PM

Good for YOU, Tiki!
I think classroom management cannot be one size fits all. We all have different personalities. I'm retired now, but my last 2 years of teaching was all about PBIS. In the last year they brought out the big reward Wheel of Fortune spinners which were supposed to be used every 15 minutes to increase student engagement and positive student behaviors. REALLY?? Once a week I had to take my students to the school store to cash in their reward tickets for some annoying Oriental Trading Toy. What a waste of teaching time. I still have the belief that rewards should be given for exceptional behavior or something beyond the norm. With this system teachers were passing out tickets just for showing up or just for smiling. It was out of control. If you have high expectations for your students, you shouldn't need to shower them with rewards. It's only confusing to the students. I'm glad you figured out a way to make PBIS work for your classroom! Bravo!

keepcalm27 03-06-2014 05:58 PM

Is ridiculous. I feel like years ago, when we started it, it was about rewarded kids who do things the way we expect them to. We FINALLY rewarded the good kids. I think it was in hope that others would want to be successful. Now it's a joke. The kids actually roll their eyes. I am so glad we can't give out candy at our school. Our PBS coach just sent another annoying email. Sigh. She wants us to give up lunch time to give "reward" breaks. Fun science experiments, etc. Really? Students already stay in my room for recess because it is soo cold here! I get 10 minutes to eat lunch, make copies and, if I am lucky, use the bathroom. I may not make it through this year.

Rockguykev 03-07-2014 07:20 PM

I silently opted out of PBIS myself in a similar way. I wrote no official "visits" as we call them. After being called out in a staff meeting I explained that I thought no good would come of them. I was assured otherwise. I wrote one (also not on my own student) and nothing happened.

Then when we returned from Winter break we had an email waiting that said "All semester 1 visits have been erased. All students are starting over at 0 visits." The teachers had not be told this or consulted in the least. Since the office won't discipline until visit 5 this meant most kids got nothing but "hey, you broke a rule, here's a high five!" and never will.

I sure felt justified for my opting out and many have since joined me. What a joke.

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