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Violets2 11-15-2020 04:15 AM

Gas nozzles at Costco
Has anyone else noticed or having a problem with the new shorter nozzles? In my area, they've switched out the longer ones to short and I'm having trouble filling my tank. It drives me nuts because the past few times I've "filled" up, the nozzle shuts off every few seconds even if I hold it or use the device that holds the nozzle open and so I don't know if the tank if full. It hasn't been I realize once I start the car. I'll fill up elsewhere unless someone has a trick I can use.


suzyteach 11-15-2020 11:47 AM

I live in Oregon, and the law requires that gas station employees fill our tank. Our Costco added a gas station a few years ago. I kept getting a fill up that didn't fill up the tank. I've started leaving the acc on as they fill up so I can tell if it is full or not. Also, I ask (they told me to do this) for a "slow fill" which has greatly reduced the times the nozzle shuts off before the tank is full. My suggestion: fill the tank slowly. Costco is the only place I've had this problem, and I didn't know why. I guess it is the nozzle length. Thanks!

Violets2 11-15-2020 12:05 PM

Thanks! I'll give it one more try and let it fill slowly. Its on my way to work and there's hardly anybody there so early in the morning so I'd like to keep going there :D

Violets2 11-18-2020 02:40 PM

I tried again today and let it fill slowly. Not too bad and I mentioned it to the employee there who said the new nozzles have this anit vapor segment as part of the nozzle and that part has to be fully closed. I could barely see that. Still, he finished up filling it for me, it shut off on him. I got in and still didn't have a full tank. It's now time for me to fill up somewhere else. Darn

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