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Keltikmom 01-08-2021 08:22 AM

I have a soap problem
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Years ago I discovered this small business body care product company. Itís local and They were having a warehouse sale. Met the owner who is a character right out of a novel or movie. His product is luscious and expensive, but twice a year has deep discounted warehouse sale.

During the early days of Covid, I started ordering things to use as Christmas presents. Christmas didnít go as planned. I could open my own boutique now.

luvmycat 01-08-2021 08:31 AM

Well, you have proven to be a positive influence on small business!

Does he use preservatives?

giver1940 01-08-2021 08:45 AM

Does he ship?
Can you send site info?

LazyLake 01-08-2021 09:12 AM

You have you own "at home" store for those products!
Everything is so neatly stored on that shelf.:)

Keltikmom 01-08-2021 10:36 AM

Response to name of company, etc.
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It is called La Bouquetiere . They have a website. Iíve attached the ingredients for their hand and body lotion.

giver1940 01-08-2021 12:11 PM

Thanks for the info.

Youthcantknow 01-08-2021 12:40 PM

Looks normal to me
It's not a problem! You are perfectly normal. You should probably buy more. (coming from someone who has even more than that in her linen closet)

pdxteacher 01-08-2021 01:37 PM

At least they are pretty to look at!

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