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notapara 08-31-2019 03:14 PM

can't find a way into a public school system
I applied for 3 elementary job openings in my local district over the summer and I just saw on the schools website that all three teaching positions were filled by people who had worked as paraprofessionals within the district. How am I ever going to get a chance if jobs are all taken by people already in the district??? I've been teaching too long to be a paraprofessional besides the fact that I would make even less money than I am already making teaching in a private school and there is no way I could afford that pay cut. So I can't be a para, I can't sub, and I don't have any connections. I was feeling optimistic about trying again next year but now I feel very discouraged after seeing the jobs filled by people who were already in the school system working as paraprofessional. I feel like I'll never get a chance to teach in the public schools. I can't afford to be a para nor would i want to after teaching all this time. I am so tired of seeing these fake job posting when principal know all along who they are going to hire. Any thoughts? Any hopeful stories about people being hired from outside the school system.

cruxian 09-02-2019 09:32 AM

Principals often like to hire people that are a known quantity because itís saferóóthey know what theyíre getting. One other concern that admin might have (they do on the interviews Iíve been in on but I donít know if this is true where you are) is that thereís a difference between populations in public versus private schools. Admin here want to know that people they hire can work with SPED and ELL students.
So how to get noticed? Become a known person?
I donít have a great solution and it may mean more work for you. Do the local schools offer an after school program? Can you volunteer to tutor in these programs? Explain youíd like to get your foot in the door. Maybe offer to do an after school club?

BadKitty 09-02-2019 05:31 PM

Other districts?
Have you tried applying to other/surrounding districts?

Here, it's quite easy to get hired from outside our district/public school system because we have such a huge shortage of teachers. In fact, there are many vacancies that are filled by long-term subs for the entire school year, which then creates a shortage of subs as well.

Are you in any kind of position to move?

Hpylife 09-16-2019 07:55 PM

In my experience itís who you know. I long term subbed for a year before I got hired in. However the schools Iím at have also hired ďoutsidersĒ including new graduates . Just keep applying is my best advice. Donít give up if itís what you want! Good luck!

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