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teachnbehappy 09-04-2011 09:00 AM

Should you grade centers?
This is my second year teaching and my first year using centers. Next week and possibly the week after that during my reading block, I plan on modeling the centers. Before I model them, I want them to know how they should expect to be graded. I am having a story of the week/listening center, writing center, fluency center, vocabulary center, grammar/lanuage center and a self selected reading center. How do you grade your centers???

k9mogle 09-05-2011 03:12 PM

Grading center work
My first year teaching I was initially told not to grade center work, but have found that you have to keep your students accountable for some of the work they do. You'll always end up with those students who think center time is free time. I make a list with the center activities for the week and check mark boxes next to them. This way at the end of the week, they have to hand it in with everything they completed stapled to it. I might not grade all of it, but I check to make sure they were on task throughout the week. A couple of years ago, I would indicate to my students which work would be graded each week...these are just a few suggestions. More than likely, you'll have to see what works best for you and your students.

angelajw 09-18-2011 02:19 PM

Grading centers
I teach first grade. I do not grade centers. Before we rotate my students who are at writing centers must check in with me. I simply look over their work and give them a check mark to move onto the next center. Center work is for the students to practice skills that have been taught. I do not grade practice work. If my students are not using their time wisely they do not rotate. My centers alternate between a writing center and an activity center like computers or listening.

ladybug19 04-20-2012 12:28 PM

I grade some centers
I teach 4th grade and I grade some of the centers. The students know which centers will be graded and what they have to complete to get a good grade. I also use behavior bingo, for center time. They know if they are off task or too noisy that they will lose their sticker for the day.

cassita 04-20-2012 03:18 PM

Completion center work
Our students have a center folder and on Fridays they must turn in the centers they completed. Each day they rotate and at end of week they should have proof they completed all 5. We give check marks for completion however if they don't have all of them they are assigned workroom and miss recess to complete assignment.

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