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knelson13 08-30-2020 06:35 AM

What to do?!
Our schools are going back in two weeks in the hybrid option. One teacher per elementary grade level will teach the students who chose full time distance learning. They will not use subs for distance. The in person class sizes will be about 12. I have had some interest in families wanting me to tutor but it would be only about 4 hours a week and the families that are interested want me on the same days so I couldn't do multiple families. I have never tutored and the people want to "try me out" before school starts so I am kind of nervous about that. On one hand, I have been subbing for 16 years so I know subbing although it would be different. However, I am 60 and healthy and the risks involved are on my mind. I also have to keep in mind that if schools shut down, the tutoring would still be there. But... I don't want to be permanently removed from subbing if I don't take any jobs. Ugh. I never imagined this job would come to this.

Sublime 08-30-2020 09:08 AM

I love tutoring but doubt I would do it on Zoom or some other platform. I had started with 2 new students before the shutdown and was so disappointed when I stopped. One mom told me I could still come to the house but I wasn't comfortable with it.

I have been nervous every time I began tutoring a new student. I usually met or spoke with a parent, emailed the teacher, and tried to get the workbooks they used. I can't imagine tutoring over Zoom so I haven't bothered to consider it.

If you decide to do it, find out what "try me out" means. Do they want you to do it for free? Or to see how you work with the student? Is it in-person? I might offer 1 free session, but no more. You are not a volunteer!

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