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knelson13 09-11-2020 05:00 AM

Unemployment questions
My district is going back next week in the hybrid model. I would really like to take 3-4 weeks off to see how it goes and quite honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if they go all distance by the end of that time. I am wondering what to do about certifying for UE each week. I am perfectly fine with not getting UE during the time that I am choosing not to work. What I want to know is, if I say that I turned down a job does that completely put an end to my Unemployment claim? Our district will not be having subs doing any of the distance learning so if after a few weeks, we go all distance then I would be eligible for UE again. I should mention that although school hasn't started yet, the jobs that have come up have been snatched up very quickly so I'm not rejecting jobs. Does anybody have any ideas as to how I can do this and keep my claim open? Thanks so much!

Fractured 09-11-2020 06:23 AM

I have tried asking my union about this. I would guess that no one probably knows the answer.

I would guess most of us are in multiple districts, so some I work for have no jobs since it’s all virtual and one district is trying out virtual subbing next week.

I imagine schools that are open are going to be denying claims to subs who have the potential to work.

Would UI go back and give you benefits for the districts you can’t work in? I imagine if you claim it will go into adjudication, so if it does I would not get an answer for about 3 months until they called me.

northcalsub 09-11-2020 02:12 PM

I realize
Substitute teaching is a part time job. If I work more than 3 days in a week, then I make more than my UI benefits. If I work one day in a week I will get the remainder of the benefit owed to me. I'm not really feeling prepared to go in for a whole week,with a different job everyday.I'm still learning about what I need to do in google classrooms. Maybe some districts have prepared the subs. I think we make an assumption that EDD is checking up on every sub to see If they are turning down jobs. I just let my phone ring. No one can prove if I was around to pic up. I know AESOP, is different from our system.I don't know even with that system that UI would check up, they don't seem to run anything very efficiently. People are still trying to talk to a real voice, and can't get through.

Fractured 09-12-2020 07:17 AM

Ui doesn’t have the manpower to check if you are turning down jobs or not. They are going to have someone who is talking to the Hr at districts. If subs are being offered jobs they are going to start denying your claim, so UI will then deny your benefits for that week.

You will then be kicked into adjudication and that requires someone calling you and your employer and gathering the facts and then ruling for or against you. You can usually appeal. I assume most states operate like this. The wait time at mine is at least 12 weeks in a normal time, even longer with the pandemic.

I assume some of us will start getting denied UI if any amount of jobs open up. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Aillya 09-13-2020 11:34 AM


Ui doesn’t have the manpower to check if you are turning down jobs or not. They are going to have someone who is talking to the Hr at districts. If subs are being offered jobs they are going to start denying your claim, so UI will then deny your benefits for that week.
I remember predicting this from the start, and getting called a conspiracy theorist for proposing that schools would dare push us out with distance learning while simultaneously denying us unemployment benefits. I knew districts would pull this nonsense and keep us "employed" despite switching almost entirely to online and offering like one job a month because of it.

"What? They applied for unemployment because 150 dollars a month is unlivable? But look, here is one (1) job offer listed this week with no details or instructions that went out into a general pool of over 50 people! They still have a job here, teehee! Reasonable assurance by the way!"

Sirsubalot 09-13-2020 01:10 PM

Yes it is quite disrespectful.

One of my sub coordinators told us in a meeting she was notifying EDD that jobs are available.
I was offered a five day job that I did not take since I did not feel the meeting prepared me enough for online learning and did not want to be locked in, but I am sure not feeling prepared is not considered a valid excuse for not accepting work.

I have two single day jobs booked over the next two weeks ,including tomorrow but nothing else is available.

knelson13 09-13-2020 01:37 PM

If we don't take a job for that week, does that permanently close the file or just no benefits that week. If it closes, I am wondering if we could reopen the claim if/when things go to full distance since our district is not using subs for that.

Fractured 09-13-2020 08:40 PM

I donít think that is too far fetched. Most districts are not offering any jobs as we are all virtual, but of course we had to do the unpaid training videos to stay active in the pool.One district is offering jobs. Our union filed some type of grievance with them for not offering us training for the fall. Then they gave us like ten days to do 12 hours of training online.

I didnít get it done due to the fires. Iíll try to file this week. If they deny my claim, Iíll make my case for why I didnít have the training done.

I make more for one day of subbing than I do from my meager UI amount, so I guess I would take the job if I had a choice.

Iím not sure how districts feel about virtual subbing. They prolly would rather not have to be responsible for training and providing equipment.

jakeh 09-14-2020 05:57 PM

Fractured said:

the unpaid training videos
My HR Certified Substitute coordinator told me this am that even though we have four videos to view, they will just take our word for it that we viewed them (I've seen the Mandated and the Sexual Harassment Prevention videos, but not the Office 365 and Powerschool vids), and will not be blocked if not viewed. We have new (different) videos coming on October 12th. In 23-years of subbing for this district I've never had to do any training until this year. We'll see...

The district doesn't seem to be functioning very well right now which is very much understandable. Things change each week it seems. Still haven't subbed yet (still on UI). Not keen on staring at a Chromebook for 5-6 hours with few breaks.

A1substitute 09-30-2020 07:14 PM

So I have been on unemployment in the past. I stayed on it and got paid weeks I got no calls and then made too much money other weeks I worked. I had interviews asking me if I turned down work I said no. I may have missed calls I did not want. The only time they could prove I turned down a job was one day I should have not answered a hr person called me. They directly asked me to do a job at high school I did not want in a week and I said no. They said ok bye. I felt as though it was a direct call to end me from continuing being on unemployment. I quit certifying after that and it ended.

I was on ui because I was a para who was laid off. Then I was a sub para. . Then I decided to become a sub mid year but kept the ui.

A1substitute 09-30-2020 07:35 PM

Sub refuse work
This is why I keep asking-
I refused work sept 5 - so I can I guess only claim till then and say I refused work to hr.
Now itís because I ha e 3 kids at home for school due to COVID.
I work in small town- 1 district my kids attend - 4 schools, I only work at 2 of them. I hate being in ui because I feel like they are watching me!!

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