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Rusty's Mom 04-14-2019 11:56 AM

Flip grid tips
Flip grid is a new thing to me, but I am going to use it asap since I got an email from a principal asking me to a flip grid response to a few questions before an interview!

Any one familiar with flip grid? I am working on it, I got phone app and have made an educator account.

bronxgirl75 04-14-2019 12:47 PM

Love Flipgrid! Tips: practice recording before you actual one. I have my students record their videos in the camera roll as practice then you can upload it. Speak clearly, look at the screen use the sticky note option for notes for yourself.

GreyhoundGirl 04-14-2019 01:04 PM

Make sure they’re not near each other or the bathroom when they’re recording.

bookgeek59 04-14-2019 01:27 PM

My students use it to do book reviews. I use it to pose questions to students or give detailed instructions.

Some things:
-make sure your background is clean/appropriate- no leftover food, mirror, or anything else
-practice angles so we don't see up your nose
-a mix of natural and artificial light is most flattering
-turn off your phone, take the pets and kids out of your room

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