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Kinderkr4zy 04-12-2019 11:58 PM

CPS model
I have been a fan of Dr. Ross Greene for a while now-his theories just...make sense, and finally someone gave me real explanations for why some tried and true behavior management tools dont work for some kids(at the time my head exploded).

So, I read The Explosive Child a few years back and recently read Lost at School and I am interested in trying to use CPS (Collaborative & Proactive Solutions -formerly called Collaborative Problem Solving ) with a few of my kids-its not a huge stretch from what I already do sicne I implemented some parts of it years ago after reading The Explosive Child but...I am struggling to get through the process because I always seem to be in a rush, particularly this time of year and particularly since I starting teaching after school interventions an extra hour per day.

Does anyone use this approach at school? how to you make it work in a time crunch. Also how did it go when you first started trying to implement the Proactive Plan B steps.

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