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teachnicks 09-07-2019 12:45 PM classroom is bouncing!!!
Hi! I am a 4th grade teacher in her 18th year. Iím experienced with all types of student needs, learning types, and issues. However, I am thrown for a loop this year. I have 23 students in my class. 14 of those students have severe ADHD😳😳😳 All are medicated, 4 have IEPs, 2 also have OCD, 3 BD, and 3 with major trauma. 😩 By 1pm my classroom is bouncy off the walls! Math starts at 2:30 (which I cannot change) when it is nearly impossible to keep their attention. I have 1 para a couple of times during the day. We are only 2 and a half weeks in and Iím exhausted!! HELP!!! How do I manage this???

Mshope 09-15-2019 09:46 AM

Brain Breaks
Can you work in some type of brain break or walk before math? I've had classes where we stood up and stretched to refocus. Or play some kind of calming music (rain, ocean sounds?) and have a minute of mediation...

If that doesn't work, I'd let them jump up and down or do something physical to music for a minute or two if they want to. They sound done at 2:30!

Have you ever looked into Whole Brain Teaching?
Not sure if it will work for you, but it does refocus their energy a lot.

2000Aggie 09-15-2019 10:29 AM

Have you
Have you tried Go Noodle videos? They are specially made for bouncing kids. My friend had a group of bouncy second graders this year. They have several videos all the way from practicing mindfulness to relaxing before assessments.

TeachPeace83 10-08-2019 04:01 PM

Calm meditation app
...have you tried doing a guided meditation before math or just at the start? I think we must teach the same class of kids...our room feels like itís vibrating by 1:30. I applied for a free subscription through the Calm Schools Initiative. Two days a week we do a Go Noodle, and 3 days a week we use one of the guided meditations or I just play the meditation sounds while they lay or sit on the ground and regroup. I have found the afternoons go more smoothly on the days we have a quiet meditation reset. I truly think it helps them to ground themselves better than a huge, loud, movement filled Go noodle video.

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