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rhssped 09-12-2019 07:20 AM

class must haves
Give me a list of all of your MUST HAVE items in your classroom! From teacher supplies/organization, student supplies- ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING that you say contributes to you keeping your sanity. LOL

whatever 09-12-2019 05:42 PM

Do you have curriculum? That makes a
HUGE difference.

If you do not, you want a printer and enough ink cartridges--even color if you can.

Then, everything to make your own curriculum falls in line next.

Lamination sheets and a personal laminator
Velcro strips and dots
command hooks
folders/binders of various thicknesses
plastic bins/shoeboxes
Stuff to fill those boxes with tasks and activities--manipulatives of every shape and size
Sharpies of all colors
dry erase markers
file boxes
good scissors
Those Sterlite drawer things

For organization, I color code as much as I can. My students are color-coded. My subjects are color-coded. I don't worry if those colors overlap some.

With the stuff above, I can make about anything else. Even in the HS SpEd classes, I try to make as much as possible hands-on, especially with the lower functioning students.

Sometimes worksheets are a necessary evil. I can use google for that.

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