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EatPrayLove 05-15-2019 02:47 PM

Consequence for student?
I have a studnet that tampered with computers and although student work was not erased, the computers acted 'irrationally' after his tampering with magnets.

My principal asked ME to come up with a consequence (the student has a long rap sheet, but no real consequence). When I asked my P about this incident, the P turned it back on me. Great. Parents are upset because this student gets away with a lot. My P doesn't really believe in consequences except maybe a talk.

The crime of the student is doing what is not trustworthy and damaging school property.

One idea is that he works in a different classroom where he would do no harm in another classroom that's not his own (I'd like to believe he wouldn't do damage in another classroom). This could be a classroom with a small class size so he's in a more restrictive classroom. I would send him with work to do.

Another idea is he sit out during the pool party or have to check in every half hour since he can't be trusted.

Also, with my own children, when they do something that drains my battery, they owe me chores to put energy back in my tank.

What ideas do YOU all have?

Thanks in advance!

TAOEP 05-15-2019 02:58 PM

I have no idea how close to the end of the school year you are, but if there are still a couple of weeks, he could definitely be banned from using technology. Perhaps that would mean that he has to handwrite reports that would otherwise be done on the computer. And certainly no googling information.

Would parents go along with a "work" detention during which he does whatever tasks he is assigned? Perhaps helping to pack things away for the summer.

Teacherbee_4 05-15-2019 03:07 PM

Technology Ban
A technology ban seems the most logical for me. Maybe a week or two, depending on how many of his other offenses have been related to technology.

MissAgnes 05-15-2019 03:22 PM

Tech ban
Definite technology ban. I had a student log into others' accounts on readworks and turn in work under their name. He has been on a tech ban for 2 weeks, and will continue until the end of school (next week).
I would also have to do something for restitution. Since he damaged property, he should have to fix/maintain/clean something.

MaineSub 05-16-2019 03:37 AM

Not knowing the student makes this a bit challenging... but I'd be tempted to have a discussion with the student regarding what he did and asking him for his ideas. "Here is the damage that was done... how are you going to compensate for it?" I think the key is to get him thinking about what he did wrong not how we're going to treat him as a result. The fact he has a long rap sheet suggests whatever's been done so far has been ineffective. It sounds like he's testing to see what he can get away with... might be time to refocus.

It would be interesting if, for example, the student came up with the idea that he could help his classmates with technology... the point is he has to come up with something constructive to compensate for the damage he's done--not just to school property but more importantly to himself, his trustworthiness, and his reputation. (I'm assuming those are things that have at least some value to him.)

The best news is that the parents are likely to support what you (both) come up with...

CatLady2B 05-16-2019 04:04 AM

Not your Job!!!
He destroyed school property...this is a school issue, it is the Administrator's job to give a consequence to this child. He/she is paid to do that, let them do their job. Also, he may se working in another classroom as a positive, so be careful.

kahluablast 05-16-2019 04:55 AM

I agree with the student helping find consequences. No tech sounds logical with an established consequence for if he does something again.

Just curious.

Parents are upset because this student gets away with a lot.
. Whose parents? His own parents or other students in the class?

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