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Persephone 05-09-2019 05:17 PM

Extracurricular Activities
Moving into my 17th year.

For the past 16, I've done many afterschool clubs (about 5 or 6 each year).

I've done every club imaginable.

Now, all the newer teachers are doing a lot of clubs and I'm considering cutting back.

Here's the rub.

Our principal and other administrators have made it known that staying afterschool and doing clubs are of the utmost importance in keeping our jobs during these times of drastic budget cuts.

Our principal even suggested (in a written evaluation) to a 20 year veteran primary teacher that she do a club.

This is a fairly new attitude.

All those years I did clubs, no one gave a hoot.

Never thought I'd want to cut back, but I'm seriously considering it.

One club I do is a ton of work and ends up costing me a ton of money (because I spoil the kids.)

Just do not want to get deemed a "bad teacher" if I stop doing clubs.

hand 05-09-2019 07:04 PM

Arenít you paid for extra-curricular clubs and activities? You should not be using your own money for materials, either. Iím sorry that you are in this situation.

Tori58 05-10-2019 03:49 AM

Well, not to sound unsympathetic, but it sounds to me as though you, yourself, created this problem, as did every other well-meaning teacher who voluntarily donated big chunks of time and money to their district. All those 16 years that you were doing every club imaginable, I don't imagine you were worrying about whether other teachers would look like "bad teachers" if they didn't follow suit. And now it sounds as though you have administrators who pride themselves on getting the maximum quantity of free work out of teachers.

ETA: I realize this sounds pretty critical and the truth is that I think all young, enthusiastic teachers should be warned against creating expectations that they may not want to live up to for 30 years. In my case, I added events to the music calendar when I was young and enthusiastic and when I got to the end of my career, there were no administrators who remembered that I was the one who had added them in the first place. They just thought I was slacking when I wanted to cut one.

cruxian 05-10-2019 03:52 AM

Can you cut back on the number but still do one? So you've checked off the list?
And I know what Tori58 means. My thing along those lines is I don't go in to set up during the summer. I just don't. Why? Because then that's the norm and they won't give us time if we're just expected to do it.
Anyway, hope you can find a good balance!!

annie_g 05-10-2019 06:24 AM


but it sounds to me as though you, yourself, created this problem, as did every other well-meaning teacher who voluntarily donated big chunks of time and money to their district.
This! It always bugged me that so much was expected outside of teaching for free. Iím glad Iím retired and donít have to deal with this. Persephone, Iíd say do one club next year and leave it at that.

Fractured 05-10-2019 11:11 AM

I thought this was a private school thing. My mentor said I shouldnít volunteer for anything my first year since Iíd be so swamped. Great.

MrsFrazzled 05-11-2019 03:17 PM

No choice
Some teachers have no choice. I teach high school and most new teachers at my school get ďvoluntoldĒ to do an extracurricular activity.

They arenít asked what they might be interested in. You are just told that you will be in charge of this club or that organization.

ICrazyTeach 05-12-2019 04:37 PM

I love my contract.

Sorry so many others have to deal with that nonsense.

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