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bruinsfan 01-26-2019 07:08 PM

What would you do
HI...Its been a long time since I last asked for suggestions or help... I got a new co teacher this year and she wants to take over everything. She wants her stuff in the classroom for ex cards to show our schedule ...I told her I already have them but she refused and put up hers. She does so many things that are not allowed in the classroom use of cell phone, chatting with parents on facebook during school, and texting. We are not allowed to use our cells in the classroom and they are to be put away. Our director has not said or a caught her with phone. She even takes pictures of her favorite and sends it to the mother on her phone. I don't want to a "mother hen" and rat on her but its getting to a point of frustration for the amount she gets away with. She questions and rats on me when I do my curriculum. She is always calling the director to question what I am doing. For ex I have been taught to teach names uppercase to lowercase. The director loved that idea but now she said the director wants all caps for their names. This is her first yr teaching prek and I have been teaching for over 15 yrs. So I get it age difference but she and the director are chummy so I don't know if I tell her about the cell she will do anything or if she will continue.

what do I do???

overthemoon 02-17-2019 05:52 AM

That is a really tough situation. I guess the only thing you can do (other than look for a new position) is to try and have a heartfelt talk with her. Tell her you want to make the co-teaching situation work, but be honest and tell her how you feel. Maybe you could suggest some ways that you have worked out co-teaching before and see if she is amenable to that. I would let her know that you understand she is excited and wants to try her ideas, but that you two need to plan together and be on the same page. Tell her that you are feeling like she is changing a lot of things that you have done before, and these are things you need to discuss. Then you can tell her why you think it is important to do things a certain way. I would be open to trying some of her suggestions, but let her know that she needs to be open to trying your suggestions too. If you approach the situation positively, you might be able to make it work. Just tell her how you feel. She might have no idea. She probably thinks she's being super helpful :) Other than that, can you have a talk with the director and tell her how you feel? Maybe she could suggest some guidelines for co-teaching and put you each in charge of certain things? I wish you luck, as I know this isn't easy.

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