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campy 04-20-2013 11:31 AM

Does any one
have an answer for the on going question: How many faces on a cylinder/cone?? I know it has been discussed before, but I was hoping common core might have addressed it somewhere and I just can't find it. We actually contacted the district guru and got some weird gibberish answer trying to avoid a definite answer. I was hoping that I could take the common core answer in and put an end to the debate. TIA ;)

klh2 04-20-2013 02:35 PM

check out this website
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www dot louisianaschools dot net/lde/uploads/18873 dot pdf

page 47 #10

Although it doesn't really answer the "How many faces" question, it ends the need to use common language.

1956BD 04-21-2013 12:51 PM

Maybe this math dictionary will help

It says a cylinder has one curved face and two congruent circular bases.

campy 04-21-2013 01:12 PM

I guess the problem still exists
I was hoping common core had addressed it somewhere. Our math books (HM in fourth grade) state that the cylinder, cone and sphere have 0 faces because faces have to be polygons. So the debate continues.....

campy 04-21-2013 01:12 PM

thanks for the help!!

1956BD 04-21-2013 01:52 PM

Sorry I was no help. Now I am curious to find the correct answer as well.

Alicia G 04-21-2013 02:57 PM

A quick google search brings up the answer of two faces per cone (a wrapped face and a circular face) but I did find a site saying zero for reasons PP mentioned!

Old discussion:

I think that "less than 3" covers it for a cone and "less than 4" covers it for a cylinder! :)

klh2 04-23-2013 04:55 AM

This is probably why
they removed it from CCSS. Makes one question who would be the top dog who would end this uncertainty and debate by designating just one definition. Is anyone sailing this ship? :rolleyes:

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