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Mcg719 10-18-2018 06:24 AM

Spelling help for older students
Hello-- I teach middle school where a lot of my students still struggle with basic spelling patters/ rules. I am starting an early morning word lab for these students. What are some good spelling activities for older students that really transfer to their writing? Thanks!

Lakeside 10-19-2018 01:00 AM

Proofreading Games?
It is really hard these days, because we're getting kids who've grown up typing with spell check, so they don't always notice their errors when they're writing things by hand.

So I like activities where you give them something with spelling errors and they have to find the mistakes. - You can use jokes, world record lists, funny made-up e-mail exchanges...whatever you think they won't see as "boring". You can make it a contest, work in teams, etc.

I'd also do a pattern of the day, based (when you can) on actual errors they've made in class. So if someone missed, say, imagination, on last week's essay, you'd have that on the board and ask them to come up with words that sound like it, list them, and ask them to tell you the pattern they see.

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