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puzzle1mom 08-25-2019 06:18 AM

Emergency Sub Plans
My principal has requested three days of emergency plans for a sub. I teach math and I'm looking for some ideas for 6th grade that is something not related to what the scope/sequence of the class is - basically something stand-alone so a sub doesn't have to worry about where we are in the curriculum.

Beach Glass 08-25-2019 06:55 AM

Sub tub
When I was still teaching, I had one lesson on Roman numerals, another on tangrams, and a third on logic puzzles. LOTS out there.

At first, I thought it too young, but used the tangram story of Grandfather Tang as an interactive intro. Again, LOTS on the internet available.

If I didnít use them during the year, they made fun activities during those restless last days of school.

TheGr8Catsby 08-25-2019 10:42 AM

I don't know how you feel about buying stuff, but there's a book called "Menu Math: The Hamburger Hut" that I kept on-hand as a sub to make copies from in a pinch for 4th-6th math. There are all sorts of multiplying and dividing decimal situations.

Emergency sub plans are really just to keep the kids alive. They can practice skills, but subs really shouldn't be introducing anything new.

Here's the book on Amazon:

tryingtoteach 10-05-2019 02:41 PM

How about line plot pictures. Kids find the point on x/y axis and then connect the points to make a picture

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