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rosieteaches 01-01-2020 06:05 AM

Planning for Division Challenges
I never look forward to teaching division to fourth graders, but they are fairly well prepared to use their knowledge of multiplication toward getting started. Good ideas or tips? The use of videos and songs has really helped with other topics. Recommendations?

Thanks, and Happy New Year.

teach123 01-03-2020 09:57 AM

Not a video or song but we only use partial quotients for long division. It has made long division so much easier. I use "friendly number" like 5, 10, 100, etc. and it really helps. If your kids know their multiplication facts, partial quotients is really simple. It now only takes about a week and nearly all my kids are proficient in long division. With the traditional way, after a month some kids still can't divide. Google partial quotients or pm me and I'll explain more. Oh, I also spend a day on fair shares and use manipulatives to reinforce what division means before we start.

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