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CJS87 03-02-2019 02:57 PM

Greek gods and goddesses unit
Looking for Greek gods and goddesses unit or lessons.

Thank you!

Linda/OH 03-02-2019 03:14 PM

There are some on TPT. I put mine together piecemeal. You have to be so careful with appropriate material for our age group. I found some articles to print and developed some questions.
Our standards focus on literary allusions so I stuck with the mythology of Nike, Achilles, Poseidon (we learn about his trident and then chew
Trident gum) , Hercules.
There are some coloring sheets too that we use to add notes about the "characters".

There is an excellent online resource with stories that include audio. I'll look it up and post it.

There are youtube videos-some animated too.

*Fairydust* 07-02-2019 10:00 AM

We read a bunch of mini myths such as Arachne and Athena, Persephone and Demeter, Icarus and Daedelus, Echo and Narcissus, Jason and the Golden Fleece, Perseus and Medusa, and more. We have this book to copy them from. I copied about 10 copies of each myth and let kids choose from time to time which myths they'd like to read. I also had chosen some that matched to Percy Jackson's Lightning Thief that we read.
In my unit I focus on:
*finding theme
*allusions in literature
*character traits
*Research skills - taking notes (key info) relevant vs. irrelevant info

Here are some other great mini myth books:

I had to piece my unit together over many years. It's hard to find age appropriate stuff...there's a lot of mature content (nudes and such) when searching, so only allow kids to go on sites you've personally vetted.

There is a lot of TPT. I use this one.

I have also gotten stuff from Scholastic.

We read Percy Jackson so I do an in depth study of the 12 Olympians so the kids can refer to information as the gods and goddesses are introduced. Mary Pope Osborne has a great myth book to study the gods and goddesses.

There are some great fantasy books kids can read if you want to spark interest. Here are some I have in my library:
Goddess Girls Series
Beasts of Olympus Series
Mini Myths series
Tales from the Odyssey Book One and Book Two by Mary Pope Osborne...these are actually great to use as a novel study too!
Percy Jackson Greek Mythology Guide
Percy Jackson and the Olympians whole series and the graphic novels.

CJS87 08-08-2019 09:32 AM

Thank you for the reply.

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