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vburgos 09-09-2009 06:17 PM

World Pen Pals
Our school is taking on a region per grade as part of our Social Studies Course. My two social studies classes each have South America (particularly Ecuador) and Africa (country not yet decided) as their respected areas of study. Does anyone have a link for penpals in these areas that is SAFE and RELIABLE? I would like to be able to have them communicate with another child in these areas as part of their regular classtime activities (some emailing as well as traditional hand mail). The ages of my students range from around 10yrs old to 14yrs old. Any advice would be appreciated.

Thank You :)

planer97 09-10-2009 10:30 AM

I know in this day and age most people assume that computers, and therefore e-mail, is available everywhere. However, that's not the case. I've been to Kenya, Africa 4 times on missions trips. Even in Nairobi, the capital, electricity is often unreliable, if there is any. Also, computers are difficult for many families to come by. If they don't have one of their own, then they have to pay to both send and receive messages.

My advice would be to carefully research, and consider snail mail pen pals, depending on where your pen pals are from. Otherwise, you will have a bunch of disappointed students.

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