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GSDx2 07-26-2015 09:24 AM

Ideas for colour schemes... Grade 5
I would love suggestions on colour schemes. I have typically just used colourful paper and borders, including making my own borders. I focussed on the art I was putting up and then would create the board to match. For example, I love doing birch tree paintings (snow themed). The background colour of the watercolour paper turns into varying shades of dark blue. So, I would use a lighter blue background for the board and for the border I would use silver garland. If I go with a colour scheme, I might not be able to do such projects.

I am in a classroom that has all dated shelves and tables. I can cover some with contact paper, but I pretty much would need to start fresh if I matched baskets and such.

Any ideas or suggestions would be most appreciated. I will say that I do like colour. And, my aim is to have a happy and welcoming environment.

angelajw 07-26-2015 05:04 PM

For many years I have used black as my anchor color. I am using black, red and turquoise. I just changed schools and the school colors are red and black. LOL Lucky me I didn't have to buy anything new. I was able to reuse everything.

GSDx2 07-27-2015 10:39 PM

Those colours sound wonderful together!!! There is a teacher in my school that also uses black as the background. It looks great!

I am really torn. I have a group of kids where there are no colour issues. I love colour. I wouldn't do a patterned background with a patterned border, but I do like to change my boards a lot. :) When I do a project, I match the border and background paper to the project. This is why I am torn. I am thinking I might stick with the colourful theme. LOL I can always switch it up later on. I was making my daily schedule titles and I use cardstock colours that match their duotang folders. Science = Green. LA = Yellow. And so on... If I did a theme I wouldn't be able to do this. Oh decisions!!!

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