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Kinderkr4zy 12-13-2015 08:09 AM

Next years letter of intent
Ignore this if you've seen it elsewhere since I think I'll post it in a few places.

So it's my understanding...not that I'm sure because I'm not... That many schools have teachers sign a letter of intent to return next year around February. Is it ok to sign this even if your looking for something else?

I actually plan to leave my current school if possible to find a better fit and a school the pays for induction/btsa costs since my current job farms new teachers out the local teachers college and they have to pay thousands a year for the 2 year program and I can't afford it.

Also I remember when I was applying for jobs last year that many postings expected a letter of recommendation from the current principal. How do you ask you P for this and not fear reprisal? I mean just becuase I'm applying doesn't mean I'll get anything so I don't want to set myself up for a non renewal in case I'm stuck there for another year-I'm a single mom so I can't afford to loose my job and just be a sub since I wouldn't make any money all summer or over breaks.

Eliza 01-16-2016 04:33 PM

Letter of Intent
In our district, letters of intent go out in January or February. They are not binding so if you find another job, but said you were coming back there are no repercussions. We had an "undecided" option.

When I knew I could no longer take my principal, I was upfront about the possibility of leaving but not about why. I told him I was happy where I was, but I was looking around to see if the "perfect job" would present itself, which is also how I asked him to fill out the recommendations required of the jobs I applied to. He offered to write me a letter, but I didn't feel like I needed one because he was doing the online recommendations.

Had I needed letters of recommendation, I'd have asked different people - the instructional coach, parents, colleagues, people I'd worked with on educational projects outside of my school.

Kinderkr4zy 01-17-2016 11:41 AM

Thanks for the response. It seems so...sticky of a situation to ask for a letter of recommendation when Im worried about them know that I'm looking since I don't want them to non-renew me as a punishment for looking which is a possibility since I'm with a charter school that can and will let go of teachers at any time for any reason. The staff in general is miserable and all talking about looking elsewhere next year and we even had a teacher choose not to come back after winter break. Moral is low but we are all worried about securing another placement before we say anything other than whispered break room vents between colleagues.

I think that I'll go with what you mentioned, "just keeping an eye out for something perfect with perhaps a shorter commute". It's so awkward and fear of repercussions is real. Ugh if the P choose to non renew me over it I guess I could sub but i couldnt really afford the pay cut :(

Elemteach22 01-17-2016 12:18 PM

You are under no obligation to tell the principal anything until you have a new job. The letter of intent is nonbinding and if you even hint that you may be looking for a new job, they will replace you. Do not tell ANYONE at school while you are on your job search. That is the way I have always done it and it has always worked out well for me.

ST13 01-18-2016 04:03 AM

I'm in a similar boat. I'm a first year teacher and moved 5+ hours away for this job hoping to get some experience. Though I love the school I'm just not happy being away from my family and want to try to find something closer. The thing is, like you I'm worried about saying anything to my principal in the chance that I do not find another job. You're right, it is sticky.

I think I'm going to start applying but im not sure how it will work with references since I am assuming they will want a principal as a reference?

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