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PenguinFlop 08-17-2016 12:37 PM

Anyone take the MEGA test for Missouri
I have been looking into finally finishing my teaching certificate and found out today that my state, a state I only moved to within the last year, does not use the Praxis test but uses the MEGA test.

Has anyone taken this test? If so what did you think of the test and in what ways did you prepare for it in terms of extra study materials such as practice tests.

whatever 08-18-2016 06:15 PM

I took the one for SpEd
I didn't think it was too bad. I love the fact that it was computer based and I had "tentative" pass/fall results by the time I left. I have not taken the Gen Ed core content tests.

I did not buy any of the study guides or practice materials. I used some of the practice questions, etc from the website for Pearson/MEGA and I also looked at the Practice tests on ETS/Praxis in similar categories.

In what areas are you testing? I think that matters as well. I have heard that the one for History/Social Studies in fairly intense. I haven't heard of any feedback for the others.

Good luck on everything. Getting certified and dealing with the Dept of Ed can be a hassle.

qa1208 09-25-2016 07:22 PM

MEGA is the final project for student teaching. I completed it last year and it was a beast to put it lightly. Mostly just the documentation or artifacts that needed to be scanned and uploaded were annoying. The responses you have to complete where pretty lengthy as well but I got the hang of it after the first couple of Tasks. As for the replacement for the Praxis, I think you are actually referring to the MoCA exam. They weren't my favorite experience in the whole world but they had a practice test you could purchase for something like 30 dollars and I reviewed them (dual certified) before going in to the proctored exam and did fine. I know a few colleagues that had to retake the exams but it wasn't common.

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