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Eclectus3 09-22-2016 08:26 AM

New Title I teacher here!
I have taught kindergarten and first grade for 10 years and this year, I am returning to teaching after being home with my baby. I am teaching in a different district....Middle School Title I.

We us AimsWeb to assess. I have completed this.
We are school wide Title I - 5th - 8th grade.
5th and 6th are in one main homeroom class for almost all classes other than P.E.
7th and 8th rotate each "hour."

New principal so I am told to "do what's best."

My current schedule is set up so that I work with kids during their reading and math times. I'm having a hard time getting teachers on board with getting this going. Last year, the Title teacher basically went in and taught the entire class Reading. If I pull kids out - when do I pull them out? During their Reading times? Do I allow them to have the actual lesson in the room and then pull them out after? Each class period is 40 minutes long.

Same question with Title Math - do I pull kids during their math time and do I make sure they're in the room for the lesson or do I pull them and teach it, etc. ?

When do you pull your kids and what are they missing in the classroom?
As Title teachers, we don't give just curious as they have to have these lessons and homework with the teachers.

Once I finally get to work with the kids - now what? Do I teach my own lessons - or do I do the exact same thing that the classroom teacher is doing and add on?

I truly have never been in this position before; where there is no training, no "manual" to go by, hard to find suggestions and ideas since it's middle school, and staff/admin at the school have no ideas either.

PLEASE HELP! :) Thank you so very much!!
<!--girl1--> Erica

tryingtoteach 09-22-2016 11:28 AM

I do not believe in pulling kids out during their reading lessons. Kids need to learn the grade-level strategies being taught in class. I teach the Title 1 kids additional skills on their independent reading level that they need to be successful in class. I do this using guided reading groups.

Have you read ? It is a fantastic resource.

Think of kids as Swiss cheese- as a Title 1 reading teacher, I fill in the holes.


Give kids a quick assessment using Teachers College Reading and Writing Project running records. Give the 6th grade level W. 7th grade level Y and 8th grade Z or Z+. This will need to be during a normal class period. That is how I am picking which kids get additional pullout time.

cabernet 09-22-2016 05:55 PM

Different ways
We've tried a variety of ways working with students.
When we've done pull out there were options too. We never take students from general instruction. The Title I saying is "supplement, not supplant". So add to the instruction, don't take them from classroom instruction. You could do this by scheduling to take them after whole group is done and the students either have small groups or independent work time. If need be, you could pull them from a study time, the end of another subject work time, etc. are you working on 90 minutes a week with each group or do you meet every day?

Typically with reading, we instruct what we know they need, but tie in classroom focus as well. For example, fifth grade needs a lot of comprehension work, so I give them a strategy they need and tie it into the technique being worked on in the classroom. As you are just starting out, you should check with the classroom teachers about whether they have intervention programs for their reading program that you could use. If they don't, find out what the student needs and work on that. Are you using just the RCBM for AIMSweb, or the MAZE as well? Be sure to ask the teachers what they notice the students need help with too.
Other programs are out there like LEveled Literacy Intervention that tie in a book and comprehension with a little writing and word work,but that might be a down the road purchase.

When we go into the classroom, we support. We do not teach the lesson, but we sometimes restate. Then when the students are working or applying the lesson we either pull back a small group that includes identified students or roam the room stopping at checkpoints to be sure the identified students are getting help if needed.

Math is not too different. If a student cannot multiply, that is practiced everyday until they can, but in short spurts. The rest of the time should be practicing the skills introduced in class, or extra practice with the skills they need. Again, if you teachers have intervention materials for you math program it would help.

Teachers pay teachers is a useful site for finding just about any kind of practice, and I always get the free stuff.

I hope this helps.

annalilbit 09-25-2016 07:45 PM

Welcome to Title I

I agree with everything cabernet stated

Eclectus3 09-26-2016 06:02 AM

Thank you!
Thank you all for your replies! Right now, my schedule was set by the principal to work with each class (two 5th grades, one 6th grade, two 7th grades) during their reading and math times. Would it be better to work with these kids during other classes? The fifth and sixth grades have Math, Science, Language, Soc. Studies, RTI, P.E., Reading, and Study Period - all with the same teacher other than P.E. 7th grades have the same, however they rotate to different teachers for each subject.

For AimsWeb - we are using the R-CBM and MAZE. I have already given every student in the school these assessments. :)

I have talked with a few classroom teachers and made sure they knew that I didn't want to interrupt or interfere with the actual reading/math lesson, however after they finish the lesson, I would like to support those kids. The 5th grade teachers are using Treasures for reading. No guided reading or lit. groups, no novels, etc. 6th graders are using strictly the Scope magazine for reading. No guided reading or lit. groups, no novels, etc. 7th - I haven't had the opportunity to discuss as much with them yet. I know the teacher has ordered some classroom novel sets.

I'm so anxious to work with kids...yet it just isn't happening yet. There are a lot of newer teachers - and new to the district teachers here.

I appreciate anything you have to offer!!


Eclectus3 09-26-2016 06:37 AM

Cabernet - time frames
Cabernet - I forgot to of right now, I'm scheduled to meet with each class everyday. :)

cabernet 09-27-2016 12:54 PM

Welcome to the Title I board!
Has the schedule your principal given you balanced the time with all of the classes you are working with so that you can see your students every day? What I mean is does each class have a different reading time? If so, that schedule would work as long as you can pull them the last part of the reading class.
In the school I worked with, everyone had reading at the same time. That is when you would have to work with each group at a time other than reading.
Have you identified which students? Try to keep your groups to no more than 3-4 so yo you can help them best.

I found this online link for fifth grade
The section entitled, Building Reading and Writing Skills has additional lessons that go along withe series that would be helpful for you. There are also leveled stories that you can access to print if your district has purchased that. I would check for sure. If not, the Great Books to Share has books listed that go along with each unit. Perhaps the library in school or town would have copies to use.

Can you tell more about how the sixth grade just use Scope? Do they just read it or use it as a starting point?

Does the seventh grade have a curriculum they follow that you can use as a guideline?

Often the beginning of the year is delayed for Title I because there is a lot of work with identification and scheduling.
You'll get there!!

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