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SunShining 03-31-2017 04:54 PM

Next year?
I know we still have lots of school left, but is anyone unsure about next year?

I teach 1st grade and am on a continuing contract so I am guaranteed a job next year. However, we currently only have 2 kindergarten classes, so I am not sure if enrollment of new students is projected high enough for another 1st grade next year. I have heard rumors there may another 3rd grade class, but it would be a jump and I would feel like a first year teacher again. So far the kindergarten enrollment is high for next year, so there may be an opening there. Better than third, but kindergarten is SO hard! So anxious to find out about next years staffing (will find out in April/May) and so crossing my fingers for 1st! <!--apple_blossom-->

mrsrob 04-03-2017 11:05 AM

What do you find hard? I just got hired on as a kinder teacher and would love to know.

Ninetwo 05-16-2017 07:57 PM

Don't be scared
This was my first year and I thought I would only like the lower grades, but I got 4th. I love it!! I think you would love third. They are starting to read more interesting books and understand humor. They learn such fun math strategies. They can write stories and do research projects. Don't be scared. The higher grades are really fun too. Pulse you can tease them and they don't cry. They get it.

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