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CHatfield 04-06-2018 09:36 AM

We will have 5 next year and trying to figure out how to still be departmentalized.

I'm trying to figure out our schedule for next year. We will have 5 teachers in 5th grade. We have to have 90 minutes math, 120 minutes ELA, and 30 minutes Science/Social Studies. We have Core (Intervention) for 30 minutes too.

Any ideas???


Teacherbee_4 04-06-2018 01:58 PM

Here's what I notice...
I do think this becomes hard in elementary school due to required minutes for certain subjects and those minutes not being the same.

What I notice, though, is that ELA is 120 and math is 90. The rest are 30. 90 + 30 = 120. So, with that, I'm thinking math and and science/social studies should be combine to make both 120. By that, I mean, someone teachers ELA and someone teaches math and science/social studies. I'm thinking you each could do your own core/intervention (you could still rotate kids based on need), then some do math and science/social and some do ELA. I'm not sure how specifically that would work though with 5 teachers.

I'll be following this thread, because I think this is interesting as to how you get this work. If you don't get a lot of responses in the next few days, you could try the baseboard.

MyLifeClass 04-07-2018 08:03 AM

We had to do this one year in the middle of the year due to some staff problems. This is how we ended up doing it...

Teacher 1: Math- main lesson, practice, etc.
Teacher 2: Science and math warm-ups
Teacher 3: Social Studies with reading and writing incorporated into subject matter
Teacher 4: Reading
Teacher 5: Writing/LA

It wasn't ideal but we had to make it work until the year was over.

The next year we went to two groups of two (teacher 1: math and science, teacher 2: ELA, social studies) and one self-contained

Gromit 04-07-2018 01:56 PM


The next year we went to two groups of two (teacher 1: math and science, teacher 2: ELA, social studies) and one self-contained
This is what I was going to suggest only with 2 teachers for math and science/social studies and 2 for ELA. If I were one of your five, I'd volunteer to be the self-contained because I don't like departmentalizing. :) Then all five can separate kids by core intervention according to needs.

Teacherbee_4 04-08-2018 07:04 AM

Another thought...
I love the ideas you got so far. Here is another thought I've see done. You each teach your own math and ELA. You all teach science/social studies, too, but you are each assigned a unit or chapter. You divide the year into 5 segments. During each segment, the kids rotate to teachers for science/social studies. Each teacher teaches that unit. By the end of the year, the students would have had all teachers and all units. As a teacher, you save time because you are only planning fewer units and know that unit really well, instead of having to plan all of the units. I've seen this done for science and social studies, though I'm hesitant in social studies due to sequence of events. If your social studies is not dependent on sequence of events (say you are doing geography vs. American history), it should be good, but I'm hesitant doing it with social studies because of the order of things. I don't see any issue with science, though.

TheGr8Catsby 04-13-2018 02:55 AM

I know I'm a few days late. If one doesn't wish to be self-contained, what about a team of 2 and a team of 3?

Team of 2:
Teacher A: ELA
Teacher B: Math/Science
Homeroom: Social Studies. Split your intervention kids.

Team of 3:
Teacher C: Reading (90 minutes)
Teacher D: Math (90 minutes)
Teacher E: Science (30 minutes), Social Studies (30 minutes), and Language/Writing (30 minutes)
Each teacher teaches intervention.

Squiggly 04-21-2018 09:07 AM

We will be a team of 7 next year and will be divided the way Gr8Catsby suggests. Two teams of two and a team of three.

GreenGables 06-04-2018 12:21 PM

You could have a 3 teacher team and a 2 teacher team.
3 way: Math, Sci/SS, ELA
2 way: Math/Science, ELA/SS
That's the only way I can see for everyone to be compartmentalized. If you wanted to have 1 self-contained, you could have two teams of 2 each. I have been compartmentalized both ways. Personally I prefer self-contained, but if I have to teach compartmentalized, I like a 2 teacher team best--less switching for the kids and less repeating for me. :)

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