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ComeChildren 09-26-2018 04:56 PM

Gifted/talented students - what to do?
What a class I have this year! I have two students who are exceptional learners. They finish all the work I assign to them rather quickly and correctly and sit quietly and read once they are done.

They scored in high percentiles on the star and are very respectful.

So, you might ask, what is your concern? :confused: Well, I want to challenge them appropriately, not have them feel singled out and develop their exceptional learning styles.
Any ideas? I have some technology in the classroom, but I don't want them to feel really singled out....or have the other children (who are mostly on-level) feel punished.....

What would you do? :cool:

JulieP 09-27-2018 06:10 PM

For Technology:

Create a teacher account on Duo Lingo. Sign them up and let them learn another language. I had a couple of really high students like this one year, and they LOVED Duo Lingo. One was learning Russian, another German and Portuguese. Allow other students to sign up, too, and let them know that it is something they can work on when all of their other classwork is finished.

Create a Khan Academy account. All of your students can benefit from it, too. They have all kinds of courses on there. You can assign work in math, grammar, etc. Students can also choose courses. And their coding classes are really good.

Do you use prodigy math game? Another amazing thing that can benefit all students, and challenge your high ones.

If you don't have enough technology for those things, consider "Enrichment" Folders. One for each student with fun enrichment things to do in it. These can be GT activities from TpT, puzzle type things, Boggle boards, brain teasers, etc.

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