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storytime85 06-27-2020 12:51 PM

My neighbor asked if I would be willing to tutor her son a couple times a week. He just completed first grade, but his teacher wants him to repeat first grade. I am a retired teacher and way out of touch with what books would be appropriate for him to practice reading. He obviously struggles and has no interest, so I am wondering if there are some tried and true easier grade level books I can look for at the library. Some really funny books or anything with fishing or trucks. I have gotten rid of all my materials, so I am limited to what I can find in the library. Thanks for any help with this! Also, anything I should specifically make sure we cover?

anna 06-29-2020 02:10 PM

I would do a phonics and comprehension skill inventory to get specific info on the deficits . Taking the child to the library would be beneficial as well. Let him see the variety and choose from a stack of books that you both made. I would make a stack that you could read to him and make a stack of books he can read to you. I would do writing with him as well modeling first and emphasizing sounds you are working on as well as sight words.

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