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Signed out 03 12-15-2020 02:42 PM

Co-worker knowingly came to work with symptoms
A colleague (let's call her X) was at work last week and complaining to a few other staff members, including the principal, of her headache, stomachache, earache, and that she is taking tylenol because she didn't feel good. We have been instructed by the superintendent to stay home when we have any symptoms from the Covid list which includes stomachache and headache.

When my other colleague overheard her saying this to the principal, she interjected and said, "X, go home. You don't need to be a hero. You need to go home and rest." X said that she took Tylenol so she will be ok and the principal did not send the staff member home. My other colleague was then upset so she told the superintendent that someone at work has symptoms and that our principal did not send this staff member home. The superintendent left it up to the nurse to decide if X should go home and it was determined she didn't need to (not sure why).

On top of that, the principal was upset that my colleague went to the superintendent about it instead of talking to her and accused her of spreading misinformation.

Well, we found out today that X tested positive for Covid and that her immediate family member tested positive two days ago. I am so disgusted that she willingly came to work sick for 3 entire days (Wed/ Th/ Fri) knowing that she had symptoms and that no one sent her home. She is a learning coach and wouldn't even require a sub.

Now, the administration is asking who she had close contact with and she doesn't even name all the students and staff that she was with for 15 minutes or more and administration is trusting her report. This is a rediculous mess that is being handled so poorly. She should have been told to go home on Wednesday last week when she had symptoms but instead she had close contact with several students and staff and they aren't even being reported.

broomrider 12-15-2020 09:05 PM

Good on that teacher for advising the superintendent.

There should be a school wide announcement asking (at least the staff) who had 15 minute or more contact with this person. Depending on a sick person to remember every close contact she had while feeling awful is unintelligent.

People should be self reporting to the principal to protect everyone in the school.

Or all exposed people need to go into the principal's office, close the door, and have themselves written on a list. Should take about 20 minutes to get it all down. Think the prince would be more attentive?

ConnieWI 12-16-2020 03:53 AM

Just a Thought...
In the last four years, I have used the words moron and idiot. Before then, I never used these words.

In the case of your administrator, coworker, and school nurse, I would definitely use these words.

I hope you stay healthy!!

FLteachESE 12-16-2020 04:15 AM

#1- your principal owes that coworker an apology
#2- you nurse needs to be a nurse and know better- do better.

We are sent home if we have even a sore throat. They are very adament here.
Your area must not be at that point yet.

teacher0729 12-16-2020 04:17 AM

Op here.. unfortunately no. Our principal was also exposed by her (this person is close with the principal and is in her office chatting all the time). She’s not taking it seriously at all.

GraceKrispy 12-16-2020 07:09 PM


Our principal was also exposed by her (this person is close with the principal and is in her office chatting all the time).
That's a problem. There is no reason- even if they are friends- for the P not to have done the right thing and protected others in that school setting :mad::mad::mad:

That is not right at all, that P should get some feedback from the superintendent. I'd be so pissed- your coworker endangered the lives of many people and your P had the chance to make it right and didn't. Not ok. Anyone who had been in contact with her should be notified.

I hope you- and others- stay safe and healthy.

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