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FLteachESE 12-16-2020 04:12 AM

Our PTO and SGA club decided on a last minute donation drive. It was decided to make it a contest... smh - with 4 days left of school.

I did what I always do and rush around like a crazy woman and add it to the news, make a video for the news and then spent a good chunk of time yesterday after testing creating a video for our social media places.

The most time is spent on editing the sound. My principal loved it- yay!.
However, social media has been very quiet about it with only a couple likes.

What a way to deflate myself. ugghh.

I appreciate my admin for their support and appreciation but it would be nice to have the PTO/SAC parents acknowledge it and also the teachers at my school. All the "extras" I do on the news, seems like it is just for my benefit, since noone acknowledges it, promotes it, or participates in it.

ok vent over. time to get ready for work.

Tawaki 12-16-2020 04:31 AM

About social media
I work in with social media, and our views are really down. People left Facebook in droves during the election, and the COVID-19 wars aren't helping.

I've put all my personal media platforms on pause. I know my kid's high school puts out vids, but I haven't been on my Facebook page since September.

So, don't take the lack of upvotes personally. People are just fried. I know I am.

elmo33 12-16-2020 04:54 AM

People are tired and overwhelmed... I wouldn’t take it personally... it’s nice your admin appreciated it!

rusty 12-16-2020 08:17 AM

I know the feeling but at least your admin was supportive. Sometimes, you have what they refer to as "a thankless job." But it's your nature to do the best you you don't need those kudos. Be proud of yourself and carry on!

FLteachESE 12-17-2020 03:43 AM

yes, rusty - you are right, it sure is a "thankless" job to other teachers. And I am appreciative of my admin for their support.

Winter break - 2 more days!!!!!!!

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