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barryScott 01-13-2021 09:07 AM

Remote learning - motivation
Overall, nation wide, I have read that many our high school students are not in a good state of mind psychologically to tackle the complexities of on-line learning. They are angry, sad or lonely, or maybe all 3. I have simplified my assignments, lessened the workload and graded a little bit leniently, and still have many students failing, mostly because they are not engaged. They have simply checked out and have developed a severe mental block that has caused a refusal to participate.

The students are not motivated. We begin our Spring term on Jan. 25 and I would like to bring the students in and keep them in better than the fall. I'm worried that it isn't possible. Various news organizations have covered this problem and I have not seen any suggested solutions anywhere. My district has chosen asynchronous remote learning and now I think that was a bad choice. It becomes an isolated way to teach and learn when the students are pretty much doing everything at their own pace and at their own times. We have google meetings but the attendance cannot be required, so students do not take them seriously.

A lot of my students are not having success, and I try to avoid dwelling on it, but sometimes I feel responsible. I'm willing to make changes but do not have ideas on which changes to make. I really would like to see some discussion of this. We have not gotten assistance with this lack of student motivation from our campus or our district.

jazzer 01-13-2021 04:32 PM

Many districts in my area and other areas did mostly asymchronous learning back in March and when they realized that some remote learning would have to happen this school year, they changed it to full synchronous schools days just like at regular school with part of each class being asynchronous time with students being required to stay in the zoom call or meet, or whatever platform each district is using.

I think all asynchronous learning for an extended period of time is definitely not good for students. If districts have to be remote, and many should be if numbers are really high in their areas, they should have mostly synchronous school days so the students get some socialization and teacher assistance.

My district is the way I described as being the way I think it should be done.

My district is doing an excellent job with making it as close to in person school as you can get without being there. The parents were polled and 90 percent feel that their children are doing well with it and are not falling behind. It is a somewhat affluent district though. We have been remote since last March but will be moving to hybrid learning in a couple of weeks.

Teacherbee_4 01-13-2021 06:02 PM

I prefer asynchronous just because I don't want to deal with teaching/instructing, technology, and student behavior with the camera and chat all at once. It's too hard in my opinion. However, I do see the benefits of synchronized learning. Have you tried having "office hours" where you have a Google Meet open and you're in there and kids can pop in to get help or just check in? It may help them be able to interact and get questions answered. I think that real time is important for getting help and tailoring instruction. You may need to check with your supervisor/principal to see if you are allowed to do this. You may also need parent permission or parents at least present in the same room.

kahluablast 01-13-2021 06:09 PM

I am elementary, but we noticed early on the when kids are off meets, they don’t get anything done. We have added in some social just fun times to help kids connect. Lunch buddies and some clubs once a week that they can come to just to socialize. I do think that helps.

Truthfully, I would be totally checked out if we were just posting stuff and grading what is turned in. I wouldn’t want to do it either. I think someone needs to start looking at changing how you are reaching kids. You will still have those that are checked out, but I would think it would get better.

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