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Violet4 05-03-2019 03:21 AM

Sorry I'm posting a lot
But it's been a particularly bad week at work and no new job offers after several interviews and sending off resumes/cover letters :(

I appreciate people here letting me vent. This is very tiresome.

IcyPeppermint 05-03-2019 04:36 AM

I know you feel terrible BUT...
I know it sucks not being picked, but I want you to know that getting hired or not hired has NOTHING to do with you as a person or your teaching. I recently moved districts and I remember telling myself "If they don't hire me, I am going to feel crummy and unwanted." Whelp, let me tell you that I found out some stuff about being a new hire. Sometimes the job has already been given away due to networking, so it has NOTHING to do with your resume or credentials. Secondly, just because they do decide to go with you doesn't mean you should only measure your teaching on that. I found out that a reputable district that I thought only hires good teachers doesn' yea, It could be I said something that they liked. You may not have been happy at the places you interviewed. You don't really know how you will feel until your there. Kinda wish I could have saved myself this year and stayed where I was at.

In all, we don't really "kill" an interview. The people at the round table decide on who to hire based off did they liked what they heard (doesn't mean they have seen you in action) and truthfully, who they can push around.

You're a great teacher and although it hurts to not be hired, don't measure your teaching or worth on it, please!

taopon1 05-03-2019 05:40 AM

Just continue trying......... Please continue trying

whiteturtle 05-03-2019 06:43 AM

Keep trying. The PP is right- 9 times out of ten it's nothing about you. Keep looking at their social media pages and websites to see what that school is doing and it may steer your toward that "right thing" they are listening for at your interview. Good luck.

cruxian 05-03-2019 03:39 PM

Please post away. We're here to support you. You know I'm in the same boat. I hate this whole job search prospects. I love the messages that people have posted and I'm going to be reading and rereading them. I'm similarly feeling frustrated at work (even though I'm at least temporarily on my principal's good side). It's really really hard not to feel like each rejection isn't a personal slight. I think interviews are a crappy way to get a job anyway---you can't really tell what's important about a person that way, I don't think. Also, I simply don't know often what I'm up against or how I did, you know? Or even the quality of the people at the interview. Maybe they're crappy judges of character,you know?

UVAgrl928 05-04-2019 02:41 AM

Violet- I see that youíre in VA... what part? I loved the Charlottesville area and wanted to stay there, but I was not getting any interviews there. The school year started, and I didnít have a job. I was waiting tables with a masters degree- I was super depressed and resented anyone asking me how my job search was going. On a whim, I applied to every job opening Prince William and Fairfax, and emailed each of those principals. I heard back from one immediately, and drove up for an interview the next day. I remember my roommate at the time wanted to know what I would do if I got the job- and I hadnít even thought that far in advance because Iíd been so discouraged. I got the call as I was pulling out of the school that I got the job, and had 6 days to move lol. 11 years later Iím still in the county- next year will be my 3rd school. Once youíre in, itís easier to move within the county.

So basically, do you have the ability to move to make it happen? VA has some really small counties that can be really tough to get into- especially if theyíre near a college town with a reputable teacher prep program. Set your sights on the larger counties- itís a little easier- they have way more jobs, and itís less about who you know.

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